Expat website CEO’s comment that MRT issues don’t really affect foreign talent draws netizens ire


Expatriates are still likely to regard Singapore as a haven despite the recent spate of breakdowns faced by the public transport system, according to Sebastien Deschamps, founder and CEO of ExpatFinder.com, a resource website for expatriates.

Speaking to an online daily, Deschamps further said that even if train failures have been problematic for locals, this has not changed foreigners’ perspective that Singapore is very attractive. The CEO asserted that in comparison to standards across the globe, Singapore’s public transport system ranks very high in terms of efficiency:

“To a certain extent, it might be annoying to the people on the ground, but it doesn’t change the view of Singapore being very attractive to foreign talent. Really, compared to global standards, it’s still very, very efficient.”

Deschamps’ assertion comes in the wake of the MRT collision at Joo Koon station this Wednesday, in which at least 36 commuters were injured.

Despite this incident and other recent breakdowns and delays which have frustrated locals, Deschamps reiterated that this would barely affect foreigners’ positive views about Singapore, because of bike-staring platforms and other initiatives from the government that supposedly make life better and more efficient.

Expatriates have consistently rated Singapore higher than other countries in terms of services, employment opportunities and quality of life in general. This year, in the Expat Explorer survey conducted by HSBC Holdings, Singapore ranked number one for the third consecutive year, while in the Expat I skier report conducted by InterNations, Singapore was number one in terms of transport and travel and ranked fourth in terms of quality of living.

Local netizens did not take kindly to the expat website founder’s comments. Many commented that expats would be unaffected by the breakdowns since they hardly take the MRT, whereas it’s an entirely different experience for locals.

Some also expressed feeling disenfranchised in their own country:


  1. To be fair, Sebastien Deschamps *DOESN’T* say “that MRT issues don’t really affect foreign talent”. What he actually said was that *DESPITE* the MRT cockups, foreign talents *STILL* consider Singapore superior. It’s a totally different view altogether from what is being reported here. In fact, many foreign talents use the MRT or bicycles more than cars, taxis or shared rides like Uber, Grab, etc., on a regular basis as they find the MRT more efficient and convenient (again despite the spate of cockups). Those FTs which own or lease their own vehicles are much fewer than many locals think.

  2. Even no mrt Singapore is already attractive to foreign talent especially those who cannot find a job back home. The rate of unemployment (no Jobs) in the world is very high.

  3. Because the real foreign talents at the TOP all drive lah … it is only the many low level foreign PMETs who takes the MRT trains, so go and interview the right people lah.

    Worst, if they could not even be bothered if the lower rungs are affected by MRT disruptions. They are talents who cannot vote in an Election, and they would think, it is the 70% or more daft who created the problems. And these top talents may also be collecting their Million$Salaries for a “short” while and goes … lol. Why are they even bothered?

  4. Our public services has always been much better then those of the 3rd world, developing and underdeveloped countries. Obviously its more attractive to these FTs. but in recent times our public transport system namely the mrt has taken a nose dive with the frequent breakdowns and delays. That does not mean that Singaporeans have to lower their service expectations to that of these FTs and accept the drop in standard with a pinch of salt.

  5. Why would one accord too much credit to the words of an FT. Surely he has not the Singaporeans interest in mind. Whuch is why foreigners come when it profits them and leave when it does not. They don’t even care for the welfare of the country of origin. Otherwise the companies would not uproot and sack their workers for cheaper workforce.

  6. It’s not difficult to attract foreign talent here. Even I can take over their job. All u need to do is the prop up the strength of sing dollar. Whether I have made singapore as one of the most expensive City, who cares as Long as I prop up gdp growth by growing the population at the expense of the ppl. Simple logic but I doubt 70% daft sinkies can understand for as long as some of them have benefitted greatly from it.

  7. Becos the contractor that is involved, Thales, is foreign? And despite its significant role in the failure gov-sg still sees them as talent and thus are therefore as privileged as the free from blame ministers

  8. this fucking foreign trash white monkeys depend on company transport allowance thats why they talk big … everything depends on company yet talk so big…

  9. depends on where the talent comes from lah…if all come from third world…..of cos we are very efficient…those singing praises are from indonesia, vietnam, philipines, myanmar. africa where transport infrastucture are poor.

    • They are here to fuck not to be fuck. Globally almost all the same. When so call foreign talents are there only to deprived locals of job,definately not happy but they are mostly protected by their govt. Here open leg ‘pukity’implemented only to replace citizes,indirectly asking us to die.Why? Govt no money already to take care of citizen. Billions cpf payout needed when reached 55. New citizens payout….peanuts

  10. Do not fault the FT ceo fir his comments; if anybody is to be accountable for his view, it is that clown prince and his termite gang that has made a new Singapore for the elitist wealthy SG’rean and FTs!!!
    That old party has morphed itself into today elitist party and has broken faith with the common man on the street long time past ! It high time to wake up to this reality !!!
    Common man Singaporean on the street , will you do right come 2019 ???

  11. Don’t shoot the messenger, it’s the bumbling useless son and his cronies that caused the problems. When you have garbage, it’ll always attract flies

  12. Ft comes to Singapore only because they are more valuable to the gov and treated better then locals. End of the day, they’ll go home with all our money and retire happily while we will have to work till we die

  13. Definitely, Singapore is still considered to be efficient compared to other countries. In order to maintain this efficiency and attractiveness, we must not be complacent and that’s why we have to strive to be better so that we stay competitive. If we allow this to happen and keep saying that we are still OK, we will never progress and eventually degrade. Let’s not assume that other countries are not progressing.

  14. A nation’s reputation is not built nor destroyed by a single episode. Do ten good things and you may not be remembered but do a wrong thing and you will be cursed.
    Having said the above, over the past months, we had one incident too many :
    1) numerous slow downs, oftentimes no immediate announcements, 2) two extraordinary events – flooding of the
    tunnel and the collision of two trains, 3) highlighting faults and blaming subordinates, not accepting ultimate
    responsibility, and so on.
    We have one PM and two deputy PMs and Shanmugan has to speak up. Does the top view these as small matters?
    In Japan, recently, a train left the station early by 20 seconds and they promptly apologised!
    LKY. Decades ago, our weather patterns were predictable : NE/SW monsoons, the hot/dry months, the Sumatras. In one, pre-dawn rain and gusty wind, dozens of trees were up-rooted. Several roads were affected. Morning rush hour. Economic loss.
    Next morning, Parks CEO reported to LKY. Not only did the man know the reason for the meeting, he had the answer ready. One question, one answer. Short and sharp. 2/3 months before the next Sumatra, all trees lining the roads were pruned. Sad, not today. For many years.
    Or LKY at golf. No signal. Singtel’s CEO met to brief him and to discuss. Man not only of vision, of details, of results.
    Flooding of the tunnels – 250,000 commuters were affected. Train collision – beats the imagination, be it software or human error. Not a word from PM, DPMs. Baffling.
    Today, to or out of the office, automatically, commuters click on to the news…. break down?… slow down?

  15. A Stepping Stone. That is all Singapore is to an FT. New broom FTs always have great things to say about Singapore on entering Singapore. Ultimately it’s every FT for him or herself. Times up, clean backside, throw toilet paper on the very Singapore they talk so good about now.

  16. In future I can see more citizens waiting in jail for curry rice &called to drinking tea.hopefully not happening.thks God blessed.未来可看到更多老白姓等着吃咖喱飯的曰子或请去喝咖啡。天保佑不发生該現象。☺

  17. I would suggest maybe the authority can come out a new form of lottery to predict the trains breaking down. This way the people can bet, win money and definitely SMRT will work even harder to prevent the trains from breaking down as they will need to compensate the lottery money back to the people if they never fix the trains ASAP hahah

  18. Foreign talents make substantially more money than locals and have cars, better housing, better lifestyles, freedom of expression without fear of reprisal, come and go as they please, no loyalty to Singapore. As for locals, National Service commitments if born male, always a second class to FT., afraid of being a target of the Government for voicing your opinion and criticizing the government. I could go on and on. Sadly, first class citizens are the FT, for locals you know what class you are in. LOL

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