Featured News Ex-WP NCMP Yee Jenn Jong receives much support from “an active volunteer...

Ex-WP NCMP Yee Jenn Jong receives much support from “an active volunteer with a former minister” during a house visit




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During a recent walkabout session where members of the Workers’ Party visited residents, former Workers’ Party (WP) Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Yee Jenn Jong spoke about Mr S, who used to be an active volunteer with a former minister.

Mr Yee wrote, “This evening’s house visits brought us to a place where we got a good aerial view of a popular rally site during GE2011 and 2015, at which I had spoken at during both GEs. It was also where a container truck nicknamed Optimus Prime, decorated and lighted by a die-hard supporter to call for support for WP once roamed the nearby streets when one of the GEs was going on.”


He then spoke about a resident he met during the walkabout, Mr S. Mr Yee said, “Mr S came down looking for us. He was busy when we visited his home earlier and came specially to engaged with us. He invited us to his home for more chat, which we gladly accepted as he told us it would be the first time an opposition party group had been invited inside”.

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Apparently, Mr S was once an active volunteer with a former minister. However, Mr Yee said, that Mr S later fell into hard times during one of the recessions and has since been found it challenging to make ends meet despite working hard.

He added that during his conversation with Mr S, they spoke about “many topics, including learning points from the recent Kaohsiung election in Taiwan”.

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