President of the Association for the Recycling of Second Hand Goods, Mr Koh Ah Koon, reported that ex-vendors at the iconic Thieves Market at Sungei Road have resorted to peddling their goods illegally after the government permanently closed down the Market last year.

Mr Koh reportedly added that 2 ex-vendors have been arrested for illegal peddling and being unable to pay the fine, according to activists campaigning for the government to issue vendors a more permanent space.

The individuals running the Save Sungei Road Market Facebook page released an interview with Mr Koh today and said that their conversation with Mr Koh showed them that these ex-vendors may have resorted to illegal peddling instead of selling their goods at the temporary Pasar Sungei that moves around the country, due to a number of reasons:

“There are many possible reasons to why they may not want to get onboard a more legitimate alternative. They may not be able to afford the rent perhaps, and are not willing to get help from sponsors as it hurts their pride. The pasar moves around alot, sometimes to places that are remote or far from their home, making it difficult for them to travel.”

In the video interview, Mr Koh shared that some vendors cannot even afford the rent at the temporary Pasar Sungei market, which is just $10 per lot per day. Mr Koh reported that he works with sponsors to help subsidise the rent for some of these vendors who depend on their trade:

Mr Koh on his Pasar Sungei initiative

" We will keep this temporary market going till government issues us a more permanent space."We met up with Mr Koh at Old Boon Lay's Pasar Sungei and asked him about the challenges and highlights in organizing the moving market for some of the vendors of Pasar Sungei.In our conversation with him over dinner, we also understand that some vendors are not keen on following the market and have resorted to selling illegally in the streets. There are many possible reasons to why they may not want to get onboard a more legitimate alternative. They may not be able to afford the rent perhaps, and are not willing to get help from sponsors as it hurts their pride. The pasar moves around alot, sometimes to places that are remote or far from their home, making it difficult for them to travel.According to Mr Koh, 2 ex-vendors have already been arrested for illegal peddling and unable to pay the fine, were put in lock-down for a few days.While we understand that the law needs to be adhered to, we also empathise with the disenfranchised due to the closure of the market. It has been more than 6 months since we bid farewell to Sungei Road Market, but for the vendors, it remains the only trade they know and depend on.We hope Mr Koh's wish for a permanent space comes true. And we encourage all to patronise Pasar Sungei, which is currently at Khatib, next to the MRT.

Posted by Save Sungei Road Market on Monday, 22 January 2018


Mr Koh added that Pasar Sungei is only a temporary avenue to help vendors cope as they wait for a permanent space to peddle their wares. He appealed to the government to initiate dialogue and discussion so that these elderly vendors can eventually be allotted a permanent space.

Pasar Sungei is presently located at Khatib, beside the MRT station.

90-year-old former Sungei Road Market vendor: “I cannot even earn enough for my daily cup of coffee” at Chinatown


    • Keppel can get a conditional warning. PAP gives these poor vendor fine and mail term. Why the AGC so quite and what is our Law minister doing. Ate they still sleeping.?

  1. Some old folks can’t even afford rent S$10. They might not even break even after selling their goods. Yet our MPs, govt are paid millions a year, just show their face and talk in parliament. Oh! By the way, Some of them don’t even attend parliament.

  2. When the white supremacist termite gang deal with peasants , they are devoid of the word Humanity !
    But if it involve their own species ….it is alway to be non blaming culture , forgiving spirit , move forward mode ……
    The elitist natural aristocrat rule in SG and the fetters plac

  3. When our government is so generous to give $2000 monthly living allowances for foreign students with 3 years of free university education, then why can’t our government give Universal basic income to the unemployed poor senior citizens???
    Where is our Swiss standard of living as promised by PAP during election ??? The promise of Swiss standard of living was by the year 2000, but now is 2018, what an international disgrace to see our aging population suffering while those in power giving our taxpayers money to young and energetic foreigners???

  4. Only to bully the weak and disadvantage in society ! Living off them by abusing their hard life ! Spend them the peasants for they deserve it and thats the mindset of the elitist white white termite gang
    What goes around come around ! Karma awaits each of you white termite gang members!!

  5. Most of the folks are Old , can they wait for the new place allocation?
    Will they still be around?
    Even they are around , can they still have the energy to enjoy earning their means for their daily expenses while most of the authority enjoying their high paid salaries?
    Really sowing a callous society in the process!

    • Humanity is practice among the peasants , though they may be poor but many a time find themselves a willing heart to share whatever little they have with their peers ! they have a bigger heart than those blood sucking Pharisee(white elitist natural aristocrats termite gang ) who only know to raise tax and pay themselves obscene salary!!! unite and f*#%*#%*k them off from the law makers house!! nahbeh!!

  6. Sungei RD Type vendors tarnish the government’s 1st world image mah! Govt only interested to look good on the outside to the world! One the inside, SG is a hell hole for the poor, aged, infirmed, sick, down and out. Bloody Hypocrites!

  7. PAP puppets only cares for the million dollars bank account. Do you think these greedy pigs really cares for these poor citizens.

    I hope these bastards will go to hell soon to face the music with their greedness .

  8. That why Singapore always generous giving other country ppl money to help but when come to helping our country man everything talk about money. When you chase them always from the place didn’t even give a permanent place for them. when asking them run around the country have gov think of their age. They don’t ask money from you and just want to earn a living but you took the place. Than when they just try to earn some money you fine them.

  9. If you already know how TPP function, then you should’ve known SG government does not have sympathy word in their dictionary.

    To sum up; TPP also means; Death to Singaporeans and our future.

    • The cabinet is just a bunch of globalists. Singapore is already dying and being homogenized to become a cesspool of crap, like what is happening to the rest of the world.

      Majulah Singapura!

  10. In our universities campus, e.g. NUS Town at Dover Rd, they have modern buildings with rooms built for foreign students to stay. When comes to Sungei Rd uncles, they were forced to leave even in their prime years of their lives. They take care of young foreigners’ education in SG better than our aged. It is very pitiful for our aged. I find it disturbing.

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