Ex-teacher acquitted after judge finds boys most likely falsified indecent acts allegations: is it too late?


A 40-year-old ex-teacher, Clarence Hoe King Chuan, has been acquitted of three charges under the Children and Young Persons Act on Wednesday, 20 Sept. Clarence, a former head of department at a primary school, was accused of indecent acts against two boys, aged 13 and 14 at the time, in 2012.

In clearing Clarence of the charges which he has been fighting for the past three years, since 2014, District Judge John Ng said that there was a “real possibility” that the boys conspired to falsely accuse their former teacher since they were not able to provide sufficient evidence to prove their claims.

The judge found that Clarence, on the other hand, provided credible evidence and raised doubts against the prosecution’s case.

Clarence initially faced 11 charges. The two boys accused Clarence of molesting them and getting the younger boy to massage his groin area. They alleged that Clarence touched the 13-year-old private parts and get the boy to touch his own genitals beneath his shorts at a flat.

Besides alleging that Clarence also touched the 14-year-old’s buttocks, thigh and genitals, the two boys accused that Clarence committed these acts over several consecutive months.

Considerable public backlash against Clarence ensued after news of the allegations broke. Clarence lost his job and was hounded as a child molester by members of the public online. He was even featured on an tutor blacklist website which released his personal details online:

Eventually, the prosecution dropped three charges from the original 11 to a total of 8 charges during trial. The prosecution then applied for Clarence to be discharged from 5 other charges, bringing the total amount of charges to 3 – two of which were amended in court.


Netizens were outraged on behalf of Clarence when news of his acquittal broke, with some lamenting that though he has been exonerated, it may still be too late to save his reputation and career:

After losing more than three prime years of his career and having his reputation dragged through the mud, it remains to be seen whether Clarence will be re-employed as a teacher and be able to carve out a bright future for himself after such a haunting chapter.

It also remains to be seen whether any action will be taken against the accusers.



  1. The boys shd be brought to court n charge…if the authorities let them off..it will make others follow knowing that one can be let off easily.The poor teacher have to suffered enough n what is MOE going to do?We cannot just turned a deaf ear..this is so unfair to him.

  2. Students and their parents may need to do clarification.
    Teacher wasn’t clear of all charges, were there indecent acts? How if this incident happened to your child?

    • Teacher was cleared off all charges. At first there were 11. And they dropped to 8. Then dropped again to 3. The first paragraph of the article says he is cleared of all 3 charges.

    • One can’t win against the gahmen who is authoritarian and never wrong. He may ask for his job back. Find a good lawyer who has connections with gahmen work. May negotiate something. Especially one is in education, which is a controlled employment. No end to problems.

  3. He must have been interdicted the moment he was charged perhaps on no pay. Since he is now acquitted MOE should reinstated him, restore his seniority and pay him his salary from date of interdiction. That’s the least his employer should do.

  4. There is a 19th century folktale about a young fellow who went about town slandering the town’s wise man. One day, he went to the wise man’s home and asked for forgiveness. The wise man, realizing that this man had not internalized the gravity of his transgressions, told him that he would forgive him on one condition: that he go home, take a feather pillow from his house, cut it up, and scatter the feathers to the wind. After he had done so, he should then return to the wise man’s house.

    Though puzzled by this strange request, the young man was happy to be let off with so easy a penance. He quickly cut up the pillow, scattered the feathers, and returned to the house.

    “Am I now forgiven?” he asked.

    “Just one more thing,” the wise man said. “Go now and gather up all the feathers.”

    “But that’s impossible. The wind has already scattered them.”

    “Precisely,” he answered. “And though you may truly wish to correct the evil you have done, it is as impossible to repair the damage done by your words as it is to recover the feathers. Your words are out there in the marketplace, spreading hate, even as we speak.”

  5. Occupation hazards in work life; pain could not be completedly go off even cleared by court in this digital world. Teacher needs help n support to negotiate his journey thereafter. Moe?

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