Ex-RP candidate who faced PM Lee in General Election wishes for him to get terminal cancer


The Reform Party candidate who squared off against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his constituency of Ang Mo Kio GRC at the 2011 General Election has written online that his wish for the year is for the head of government to be afflicted with terminal cancer.

The former candidate, Alex Tan, wrote in an article online that he fully understands what he is wishing for:

“It may sound crass but my New Year wish is for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to get terminal cancer. Having seen how cancer brought pain and sufferings to my loved ones, I fully understand what I am really wishing for.”

He added that “an outright death penalty for Lee Hsien Loong is considered only a reduced sentence”:

“My primary wish for Singapore is to be a better society, and this warrants the death of the dictator. His policies are literally killing Singaporeans – employment, education, healthcare, quality of life, meritocracy, equality, democracy and you-name-it, every aspect of our Singaporean lifestyle has been deteriorating each year since Lee Hsien Loong came to power in 2003.”

Tan further asserted: “For the good of Singapore, I wish him a slow and painful death. This is beyond politics or hatred, Singapore needs Lee Hsien Loong to pay for his crimes.”

Tan also opined in his hate-filled post that PM Lee is a “dictator” whose death will improve the country since “despite given dictatorial powers and controls, Lee Hsien Loong could not deliver a decent standard of living for the people”

Tan presently lives in Australia and has indicated that he has no intention of returning to Singapore.