Ex-MP David Ong's sends letters of apology to Bukit Batok residents

screencap: http://www.singapore-elections.com

The former Member of Parliament for Bukit Batok single member constituency has resigned due to an incident of indiscretion. Several reports linked his resignation to an extra-marital affair with his grassroots leader.

Mr Ong has written a recent letter addressed to the residents of Bukit Batok apologising for his resignation. In the letter he said, “I had publicly apologised to Bukit Batok residents in my letter of resignation on 12 March, and in my subsequent apologies through the media.”
David ongA resident of Bukit Batok¬†had previously written in to TISG and in referring to Minister of State Desmond Lee’s letter to residents of the ward, expressed that she don’t remember her ex-MP, David Ong, apologising to the residents of the ward (link:¬†http://bit.ly/1RQ9V3D).