EPIC FAIL: Speak Mandarin Campaign’s Major Mandarin Spelling Error


Singapore’s Speak Mandarin Campaign has come under fire for a major Mandarin spelling error at the 2017 campaign launch, yesterday.

The third letter from the left in the red boxes, “du” in Mandarin or “read in English”, was spelt incorrectly.

The correct word should look like this:

The word 渎 means “longkang,” or “to neglect.”

It is notable that the error does not appear to have been spotted before or during the event by the organisers, or the guest-of-honour, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Ms Grace Fu.

In her speech, Ms Fu called for Singaporeans to “start building the foundation of Mandarin from a young age, given how the language has become international.”

“By learning the Chinese language, we can better understand our local Chinese history and have a greater sense of national identity.”

The Campaign, which is in its 38th year, has since apologised for the error on their Facebook page:

redwire-singapore-speak-mandarin-campaign-epic-fail-3Unsatisfied netizens have called the organisers out for not being able to spell a word that’s taught to Chinese students in primary school.

redwire singapore speak mandarin campaign epic fail


    • Not really the Chinese 晚报 published a humiliating apology today (just in case you are another imbecile in the Chinese language, it’s the daily Chinese Evening paper)

  1. Mandarin is a language not like any other. Other languages you can learn on its own. But for Mandarin, it’s tied with historical background stories

    • Johann Teh so you’re speaking against the govt does that make you an opposition lackey? Lol!

      If you think I’m an IB, come out and tell me in the face. Since I’m an IB i probably can track you and find out where you live. So I should come to you and you can tell me in the face. Don’t delete your profile hor

    • Chagall Rodin where is the threat of violence? Unlike oppositions lackeys like you, we don’t scare easy. Go hide behind your mommy

      If I’m an IB I would be deleting everything that has your name to it. Boo!

    • Michael G R Lum Hahaha is that the best retort you could come up with? Not aligning myself with PAP supporters like you doesn’t mean I must be opposition. Even PAP MPs will shun violent zombies like you. Low class, xia suay PAP and Singaporeans.

    • Chagall Rodin you assumed I’m for the PAP just because I’m not joining in the frenzy to throw stones at them.

      And you thought you’re so smart?

      You seem to know what PAP MPs will and will not do. Hmmm……more assumptions or do you actually know shit?

      I’m low class yet you bother to take the time to tell me your views. Thank you man!

  2. Wait is it really 3 dots? I dun see it wrong. They spelt correctly. It’s just the calligraphy is harder to recognize… dun everything also complain. If it’s a real mistake i will agree but this is definitely not wrong….

  3. “Major error not spotted by organisers…..” . Why? Because all ownself checks ownself. Please get a third party not involved with the matter to check. Have anyone heard of the saying “spectators smart”. Not too long ago there was a ” Marry Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas”. There was another recent one ” NTUC ” was written ” NUTC”. There arevtoo many boo-boos. Think we have enough.

  4. How can a minister overlook 4 big Chinese character like this. Organiser is at fault. Minister answerable promoting public event like this.

  5. Grave Fool …salary so high yet to make such mistake when attending event without checking. OMG This not the first case for PAP organization to do horrible mistake. Just last week flag upside down.

  6. Guest of honor has no honor!! She can’t even read nor write Chinese herself!!! Right in front of her and she missed it??? Or, was she actually sitting behind??

  7. Interestingly – Bayfront station “贝佛兰 (bèi fó lán)”?? ,Singapore’s Chinese New Year being called “China’s New Year” in Chinese,. The Hungry Ghost Festival as “Hungary Ghost Festival”.and Chinatown as tang ren jie instead of niu che shui

  8. “EPIC FAIL: Speak Mandarin Campaign’s Major Mandarin Spelling Error”

    Take it with a grain of salt and a sense of humor? Why don’t everyone pretend and view this as a clever trick employed by the campaigner, to dry home hard a poignant point. Plucker up and let the campaign begin?

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