Environment Ministry follows MOF’s lead; pays ‘influencers’ to promote climate action

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) has taken a leaf out of the Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) books and paid 28 social media ‘influencers’ to promote climate action in Singapore.

The MOF made headlines last month when it engaged about 50 social media ‘influencers’ who have a strong following online to generate interest in Budget 2018.

The MEWR has followed suit in engaging ‘influencers’ to make posts about climate change and tag their posts with the hashtag, #climatechangeSG. These individuals have a combined reach of 100,000 and have been engaged for a three-month marketing campaign period aimed to promote eco-friendly habits.

‘Influencers’ also invite their followers to share their own green tips and stand to win prizes such as an iPhone X and vouchers.

Each ‘influencer’ will be paid up to S$35 per sponsored post and the MEWR expects to spend S$1,500 for the entire campaign which began last month.

MOF has not disclosed how much it has paid the ‘influencers’ it engage to publicise the Budget.

I have always been someone who kind of take things like our environment for granted. But as of late, my mummy have been really into animals especially those living in the wild and she has been sharing many facts with me. Did you know that things we do in our everyday lives actually have a larger impact on the earth and its environment?? By not doing our part to conserve energy, we are actually contributing to global warming and this affects the lives of many animals all around the world!! Some even going extinct because of our selfish actions!!! Making a change does not have to be something incredibly selfless or a super large gesture. Take me for example, I started to try to sleep at a higher temperature of 25 degrees or just without air con as compared to my usually 20-22 degrees in the past. I also just switch off my air con when not in use when in the past I would just leave it running to keep my room cool (like in hall when I leave the room for a while). It is these small gestures that add up to a large change and impact to our environment!! Hope everyone can start doing their small part for the environment cause a small change from all of us can really add up to a large change! How are you doing your part? Post a picture of what your green tips are! @mewrsingapore #ClimateActionSG #SustainableSG and also stand a chance to win attractive prizes like vouchers and even iPhoneX! #sp

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MOF employs social media influencers to promote Budget 2018


  1. what is the use of it? when import mass huge number FT into singapore ? will it help? so 1 FT switch on air at 24 degree , 10 FT switch to 24 degree …it up the load of of our incineration plant and produce more carbon dioxide…really CCB tell them the root cause

  2. Bird brained people will only know how to hire bimbos to propagate bird like messages. At least the influencers are paid only peanuts. But some bird brained, self-declared aristocrats are paid millions.

  3. It seems the only fools influenced by these “influencers” are those influenced into hiring even more “ influencers”. I guess stupid does beget more stupid

  4. Wah seh…not bad ah… SYT. Bloody hell government is wasting our taxpayer’s money and we have absolutely no right to agree/disagree? Is this china or singapore?

  5. Influenced by pictures of titties… that’s sad man … they must really think we’re naive and stupid, but what the 70% wants the 70% gets as decreed by sigenna

  6. These clowns are followed by idiots who envy their lifestyle which is not true but a facade, many of these “influencers” don’t have a real job apart from getting $$$ from their attention seeking antics

  7. Absolute filth in glorifying females as sex objects with their puppies splashed out. This is how low the authorities will resort to…demeaning women. What have the revolting voices of women got to say about this distasteful form of glorification?

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