Elderly woman on wheelchair pays ex-DJ $130,000 for “qigong” session; harasses him after seeing no improvement after one year

A 76-year-old woman has apparently resorted to harassing a man after she paid him $130,000 over a year for “qigong” sessions that did not help improve her her injured knee as she thought it would.

The woman, Madam Xu, shared with the Chinese daily that she had been forced to rely on a wheelchair to move around after a fall in December 2015 caused her to fracture her left knee. She sought the help of Mr Wang Di Cong – an ex-DJ – after she heard that he offers ‘qigong’ rehabilitation services:

“I heard from others that Mr Wang knows ‘qigong’ and has been providing rehabilitation services for people after quitting his job as a DJ. I thought that he always had a good reputation and sounded quite formidable with his skills so I asked a friend to refer him to his services in May 2016.”

Madam Xu began to visit Mr Wang’s condominium apartment for a two-hour session daily, She paid him $4600 per week. She told reporters:

“I asked him how long would it take for me to be able to walk again, but he wouldn’t give me a definite date.
“After more than one year and $130,000 spent on the sessions, there was no visible improvement, so I decided to stop the sessions. I have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instead.”

Mr Wang, however, has claimed that Madam Xu has been harassing him and that he has received more than 2000 SMS messages from her cursing him and his family in just three months, prompting him to call the police five times so far.

Mr Wang claims that he had repeatedly stressed to his ex-client that he would only be able to help her strengthen her body and asserted that he never once promised her that she would be able to walk again:

“I help to guide my patients and train their mind and body. I taught Madam Xu some hand and leg stretching exercises. I also supported her as she walked around the parameters of the swimming pool.
“She has shown improvements over the year, and has recovered to the point that she is now able to walk with assistance.”

Mr Wang shared that his former client only stopped attending sessions last December after a sudden falling out. He told reporters that although he first tried to explain himself, he had to involve the police after she began bringing his family into the matter with her defamatory messages.

“She sent me more than 2000 SMS messages to me within three months. If she was just cursing me, I would have been able to put up with it.
“However, she started bringing my family into the picture and scolding them as well. I could not tolerate it anymore. I also fear for the safety of my family and have called the police five times regarding this.”

Mr Wang added that he will consider taking legal action if Madam Xu continues to harass his family.


  1. You think he is kong hee ah? Even kong hee also cannot do such miracles la!!!! Auntie I suggest u sue him or report him as a con man la. 140k!?

  2. 1 week 4600 just to pass some so call3d energy crap ? Some managers don’t even take home 4600 a month…. might as well use the money to pay for physiotherapy

    • There us only 1 Con Hee. The rest are con ni nabu c c b…dare to make police report. Afraid of wheelchair bound 76 yrs old lady…Haha..a real farker. Now guilty conscious already. Afraid old lady when pass on will haunt him to death

  3. He is obviously a con man, the victim should report him to the police and sue him in court rather than just sending messages to his phone which he can block. Ex-DJ some more? It’s no wonder our press accuracy ranked so low.

  4. Old lady U also want to cheat! Shame on U Young man. Get ur self registered if Ur Qigong really that Fantastic! What short of MASTER? Disguise as one after loose ur DJ job? U really can talk n convince.

  5. $4600 a week paid for Qi Gong sessions??? Got HAPPY ENDING bo? Knn.

    What a cheat to exploit the vulnerable. Society these days best not to rely on anyone.

  6. Wow…. $19.9K a month for 2hr session a day! Who in the right frame of mind will pay this amount unless you got lots of cash.
    No wander he quit his DJ job…and wander how many more aunties still in his hit list.

  7. The catch is very simple, the man already knew that he is scamming. He knows he is cheating the woman money but he is unable to resist the temptation as the woman passes him the money too easily. I mean how many can resist when someone blindly passed u 4600 for some fake pretentious act of qi gong a WEEK?

    So when the old woman realise the man is unable to even help him, come on the man must be a bloody sweet talker , so no black and white but I am sure the qi gong man MUST have said things which sound extremely convincing and comfortable for the old woman to pass him money.

    As times goes by, the old woman start to realise her money is drained so quickly without any slightest bit of improvement, I mean she is old, her muscles wear and tear, it’s part of parcel of life that your movements become more fragile.

    When the old woman became sober and realise he’s nothing but a con man , A bloody scammer, she then send him all the messages to demand money back from him..

    As the man felt that the woman lack of knowledge and definitly not as quick witted as him, he purposely call the police 5 times and made a mountain out of a molehill over the threatening messages… hey come on , you are a bloody con man , would u feel so easily threatened and believe that a old woman can hurt your family ?

    Ok never mind , he wants to act stupid and well the police officers doesn’t know he’s a con man yet, so naturally they give him the benefit of doubt that he feels threatened…

    As he wants to make himself feel better, the reason why he made the police report 5 times is because everytime he makes a report , he get a report letter from the police, he will then take this letter to show it to the old woman and let the old woman feel that it’s useless for the old woman to report this to matter to the police

    Obviously he has a sense of guilt that’s why he will call the police 5 times to make himself feel he has nothing to hide but Acutally he knows anytime he will be arrested already.

    My advice and conclusion to the old lady is that you should definitly go make a police report first , go to the crime registry , file a case against him and demand the money back…

    2nd option is to let the police handle the case but i believe he has destroyed a lot of evidence and done his home work, what u can do is to hire a lawyer and let the lawyer deal with him.

    Trust me , he will be damm scared because if he is not guilty concioues , there’s no way he will call the police 5 times to assure himself that he never do anything wrong.

    Pm me if necessary yea.. take care and don’t believe in such scams any more

  8. I met this guy many years ago in my work. I help designed his wedding suit and has not buy me a cup of drink, at his wedding I still need give ang pao! And not even a word of thank you.

  9. Aiya! Stupid old woman…still believe in miraculous cure nowadays.. And very Gan Sei qigong master, still accept $4600/wk…got accreditation or prove or not? Yang Yin still had to coody-honey words his godmother.
    Iras…$140,000 a year fr 1 “customer”, or Sph? Cpib?

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