Elderly uncle who limps while sweeping for a living, says, “No choice. No work, no money”

Photo: Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

In yet another heartbreaking video of an elderly person having to work for a living, an old man can be seen sweeping leaves early at the break of dawn.

The video and photos, taken by netizen Rugayah Noordin received more than 2,000 reactions and almost 1,000 shares.

Another old uncle out exercising

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, 28 August 2018

In the heartbreaking video, the elderly man was seen to be sweeping leaves despite a very pronounced limp. As he sweeps, the man also occasionally straightens himself and rubs his lower back. When the man turns around to sweep the area, his back can be seen covered in perspiration.

The video and photos were shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff and captioned, ‘Meet another senior doing his morning exercise.
Uncle is 70+ with a bent back n right ankle. Walking with a shuffle he does this 5 days a week 8 hrs a day. Take home pay 1050sgd!! He said ‘no choice. No work, no money’! Well done Singapore!!!!’

Reportedly, the netizen, Rugayah Noordin went up to the elderly man to speak to him and enquire about his situation. The uncle expressed having no choice with regards to his situation and said, “No choice. No work, no money”.

Singaporeans who commented were very concerned about the man’s situation. Some blamed a lack of aid, and others even blamed the man’s children for not looking after him.