Elderly man is killed by lorry while cycling to see a doctor


Laura Zhang/

A 64-year-old cyclist, Mr Lee Ming Hai, died after being struck by a medium-sized lorry at the junction of Bedok South Avenue 1 and New Upper Changi Road on Tuesday, 22 August, at about 12.05pm.

The Chinese daily reported that the newly unemployed man had been riding his bicycle to visit a doctor at the time of the accident. A patch of blood was found at the location of the tragic crash.

Mr Lee, whose skull was ruptured at the scene following the collision, was conveyed to Changi General Hospital where he drew his last breath at about 7pm due to multiple injuries, after 7 hours of critical care at Accident & Emergency (A&E).

Mr Lee’s elder sister was interviewed by reporters at the morgue. She wept:

“The bike was a gift from my brother’s friend not long ago. I feel so guilty for neglecting him. I can’t even sleep after receiving this unexpected tragedy.”

She added that her brother had been suffering from depression and that he had been working at a coffee shop at Changi Road, before he was sacked.

“I still remember the last time I saw him at my son’s ROM. He came forward to persuade us when I got into a quarrel with my son. I didn’t know I wouldn’t have a chance to see him anymore…”

Traffic at the junction of Bedok South Avenue 1 and New Upper Changi Road has been noted to be usually bustling, with the elderly commuting via bicycles. One pedestrian, Mrs Lim, said that the area is known for short crossing intervals at the traffic lights.


Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. Shouldn’t Singaporean ask why an elderly was not cared for when he was ill? Why there wasn’t any safer means for transport other than a sick elderly balancing himself in a bicycle and travelling on a busy road?

  2. Previously The Health Ministry try to get rid of the less well off growing aged by telling this group it’s cheaper to age & to spend your last phase of life across the causeway!.

    After having struggle to built this country to what it is today, this group is a liability & hinderance to them in their view!


  3. sg roads are not suitable for cycling. traffic is v heavy and fast.
    who thought of cycling as an alternate mode of transport should go see a psychiatrist. the white demons. as usual.

  4. One of the pedestrian traffic is faulty for past few weeks. When it turns green for pedestrian, it starts from 80sec, but countdown by 2 or 3 sec, ex. ,80 to 77 to 75….

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