Elderly commuter using mobility device spits inside MRT, triggering debate on whether he should get a free pass


A video of an elderly commuter using a mobility device to move around spitting on the floor of an MRT carriage has been circulating online.

Posting the video to SMRT’s social media page, Facebook user Kay Poh revealed that he caught the elderly commuter in the act around 12 noon yesterday and that the commuter alighted at Paya Lebar station:

man spitting on the train today at 12 noon, he got off at paya leybar

Posted by Kay Poh on Sunday, 1 July 2018

SMRT responded to Poh and instructed him to immediately notify SMRT staff if he observes something similar in the future. Poh, however, responded that he would have been late to work had he stopped to report the elderly commuter then and there:

Interestingly, the video triggered a debate on whether society should be more forgiving towards the elderly, like the man in the video. Some netizens felt that society should definitely be more compassionate towards the elderly and sick:

The majority of netizens commenting on the thread, however, felt that this sort of “disgustingly third world behaviour” should be not be tolerated: