Featured News Egg not fully cooked, so man throws hot porridge at Whampoa Drive...

Egg not fully cooked, so man throws hot porridge at Whampoa Drive hawker

Vendor has two large blisters on the face, second-degree burns on hands and shoulders




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Singapore – A customer at the popular Whampoa Drive Hawker Centre threw hot porridge at a female vendor because the egg was not fully cooked.

This happened on Saturday (Feb 1). The 66-year-old hawker, Madam Zhou Yu Ye, suffered second-degree burns.

Madam Zhou told the Shin Min Daily News that the man, who looked like he was in his 40s, got angry because of how she prepared the porridge.

The man, who did not specify that he wanted the egg fully cooked, started swearing when he checked his order.

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“He was unhappy that the egg was not thoroughly cooked, and asked me, ‘How can babies eat raw eggs?’,” Madam Zhou said. “After that, he swore at me and belittled me by saying that I was just a worker.”

Madam Zhou prepared more porridge for the customer but he was still dissatisfied and continued to scold her.

The hawker then asked him: “What if I’m the boss of this stall?” At this moment, the man opened the packet of porridge and threw it at her.

Madam Zhou soon felt a burning sensation across her face and shoulders. She called the police and sought help from nearby customers.

“My face has two large blisters and my hands and shoulders have been burned,” said Madam Zhou. “The doctors said that I have second-degree burns on both areas which will definitely leave scars. The other injuries will take at least two years to heal,” she added.

The man’s mother, who asked not to be named, said later that her son had a bad temper. She tended to Madam Zhou’s injuries and took her somewhere nearby to help her change.

The woman and her son also apologised to Madam Zhou.

The woman said: “My son has always had a bad temper. He was definitely in the wrong. I have no objections if the other party wants to take action. I just hope this incident won’t blow up. If the other party requests medical compensation, I will consider paying any amount within my means.”

Incidentally, this is the same hawker centre where a vendor gave the prime part of his roast duck dinner to an elderly cleaner last year.

That gesture was highlighted on the Facebook page of a customer who was at that time having dinner at the hawker centre. /TISG

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