Eden Ang is considering legal action against those who intentionally hurt him with “malicious accusations”


Local YouTuber Eden Ang has come out once again against the sexual harassment allegations that have been flying against him over the past week, reiterating that the accusations are “hurtful and false” and asserting that his conscience is clear and that he has the records to prove his innocence.

Ang was accused of inappropriately touching an 18-year-old employee against her consent last week. The 18-year-old friend, Kuroe Kun, alleged that the girl tried to report the matter to the police but that the police did not take the matter seriously since they apparently believed the incident was consensual because of the way the alleged victim was dressed.

While Kun deleted the post shortly thereafter, popular YouTube personality Dee Kosh lambasted Ang as a sexual predator in a video on his YouTube channel and revealed excerpts of texts allegedly between Ang and the 18-year-old, that cast Ang in an unsavoury light to some.

In his latest comments on the matter, Ang acknowledged that his silence could be misconstrued, “especially in a sea of mixed emotions, misinformation and selected excerpts of conversations aimed at vilifying me.”

He added that while he has the records to prove his innocence, he will not be releasing them online in respect of the privacy of the individuals involved. Ang reiterated that he is fully cooperating with the authorities and said that he is considering taking legal action against “parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.”

Ang further wrote that he understands that public scrutiny is part and parcel of being in the public eye and that while he is not perfect, he has led his life with integrity. He added that he wishes to set the record straight and that these will be his last comments on the matter:

The past 48 hours have been trying, but have also been a huge learning point for me.
Following the hurtful and false allegations, I’ve received messages of support from many, but also abusive comments and even death threats from a lot of other people – and it has been hurtful to me and my loved-ones.
My initial reaction was to leave this to the authorities, and have faith in the facts prevailing. I still believe in this approach, but it has also been pointed out to me that my silence could be misconstrued, especially in a sea of mixed emotions, misinformation and selected excerpts of conversations aimed at vilifying me. As such, I wanted to share my reflections as well as the facts.
I did not take advantage of anyone. I recognize that incidents like these often play out in a “he said she said” situation, but my conscience is clear and I have the records to support this. Some have pointed out that I should publicly share details to prove my position. However, I will not be sharing any further details on identity or communications out of respect for everyone’s privacy. Any further discussions can be through the authorities.
As previously mentioned I have filed a report with the police and will cooperate fully as I trust in my country’s authorities. I am also in the midst of seeking legal counsel against parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.
I know that being in the public eye brings scrutiny and unwanted attention at times from naysayers and competitors. This is part and parcel of this profession. I also acknowledge that I am nowhere close to being perfect, but I will continue my efforts to conduct myself in a way that I can be proud of, and that people can look to.
Sexual harassment (or any form of harassment) is a serious matter. If you or anyone you know is going through it please speak up and seek help through the proper channels and authorities.
I wanted to set the record straight with this post, which will be my final post on this matter. Right now, I will continue to focus on my craft and continue to produce quality work.
Thank you to the people and brands who have stood by me throughout this episode. And thank you to my fellow believers and support from all religious groups for your prayers.
Keep Rockin’ God Bless*

The past 48 hours have been trying, but have also been a huge learning point for me. Following the hurtful and false…

Posted by Eden Ang on Sunday, 28 January 2018


    • I find it disturbing that the victim is again being victimised here by this comment. So what is appropriate for you? Or someone else? Or another? And I like to know how is ‘sending the “wrong message” described’ as?

      While I am not an advocate for a female to dress scantily (and I know what this appears to me), yet this does not mean that if she does, she is sending me a wrong message that gives me a right to take advantage of her, physically or verbally.

    • Chris Chow you mean that guy who started this thread speaks truthfully?

      If you get robbed, is it the fault of the thief or is it your fault for wearing clothes that look sufficiently wealthy?

      Irrational and dumb statements needs to be put down.

      Have some personal responsibility/self-control over your own genitalia/impulses instead of pushing it on to the victim

    • HC Ng kings have been head of government since time immemorial. Slavery has been a lawful institution for thousands of years. Education is only limited to a few. Universal voting rights was non-existent in time immemorial.

      Are you saying that all these things should have continued now?

      So I don’t know what the crap you are talking about. Obviously humanity throughout history have been progressing to be fairer to all individuals, while you are still stuck in a prehistoric mentality.

    • HC Ng

      It’s “prevalent” doesn’t justify it is right, neither does “existing for centuries” or “traditions”.

      That’s why there are people who makes a difference by not succumbing to “immemorial” views that are objectively unfair, unequal and in your case, sexist.

      Telling a sexual victim that he/she deserve the crime committed against he/her is heinous. The presumptions/implies you made assumed his/her role to be of an inviting whore or slut, destroys his/her dignity, while reducing the burden of criminality on the offender which crime would not have happen if the perpetrator have self control.

      It takes a special evil and iniquitous spirit to even suggest what you have just done.

    • Reality check. Risk managemernt has nothing to do with blaming the victim. Flaunt your expensive watch and hand phone in a foreign city in the wrong side of town – you’re not to be blamed if you become a victim. You’re to be blamed for just being plain stupid.
      I also can’t help but notice that the Galahad bullshit posers who appear in every such thread have as usual assumed that the woman is the victim when the facts are not yet determined.
      Pretty insecure, needing to put on that stupid Galahad act to assure yourself you’re a man.

  1. In these cases, usually there won’t be a fire if there’s no sparks. Although, sparks can be the ladies’ fault. I tend to tink most cases is the guy’s fault cos ladies usually at the receiving end to guys’ indiscretions.. And the more good looking, rich n powerful they’re, the more dangerous they’re cos they tink they can do anything n can get away with it.