East Coast Park visitors scream and duck for cover as heavy winds send boats and trash cans flying


East Coast Park visitors can be seen and heard screaming and ducking for cover as heavy winds in the area this evening cause boats at the National Sailing Centre and trash cans around the park flying.

The wild scene began about 20-30 minutes ago. Videos of the alarming damage have been circulating online.

In the videos, heavy gusts of wind can be seen wreaking havoc on trees as they carry the large and heavy boats and trashcans and fling it in the air easily.

In the second video, park visitors can be seen ducking for cover as the wind lifts several boats and the boats swirl and fly towards the visitors, who appear to be huddled under a sheltered area.

This follows unusual weather on Tuesday when hailstones fell in Ang Mo Kio and Seletar during heavy rains. The hailstones began pelting from the sky as flash floods occurred in Seletar during a particularly heavy downpour.