E-scooter collides into SBS double-decker bus, shattering bus window and leaving scooter rider dead


UPDATE: Latest reports indicate that the 52-year-old was conveyed unconscious to Changi General Hospital where he passed away.

An electric scooter rider collided into a double-decker SBS Transit bus, shattering the bus’ front window.

The incident reportedly occured this morning at the junction of Bedok Reservoir Road and Kaki Bukit Avenue 1.

Photos of the collision that were posted on Facebook this afternoon shows a man who appears to be the scooter rider laying on the road, seriously injured:

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the use of personal mobility devices such as electric scooters are not permitted on Singapore roads. The Authority clearly states:

“Under the Road Traffic Act, anyone found using non-compliant vehicles may be charged in Court, and fined up to $2,000 or jailed up to 3 months for the first offence. For subsequent offences, the offender may be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to 6 months upon conviction. The non-compliant vehicle could also be seized for investigations.”


  1. they ask for trouble because they should know they cannot ride on the road which is meant for vehicles only. ride on the road at your own risk and don’t expect any compensation if you are injured!

  2. Not allowed on the road yet the sale of e-scooters is allowed. These things are a menace to both motorists and pedestrians. They travel at such high speeds on pedestrian walkways with complete disregard to pedestrians. We see so many on the road yet no enforcement is being carried out.

    • Most e-scooters are bought for recreational purposes but now with the push to create a ‘car lite’ Singapore, they’re being used as a means of transport, as a short route connecting devices rather than the Long drive from home to office and vice versa. You ride it to get to the MRT station and connect from there…and we too got pretty good sidewalks to drift through, no need to go on the road as the risks of colliding with bigger vehicles is tremendous. Just that users got to be mindful of others whilst using the sidewalks…that’s all that’s needed but then again society isn’t perfect…….

  3. E-mobility devices are not permitted on the road but when they ply the pavements they become a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ to pedestrians. I will say this again (and again) – E-mob devices are banned in so many cities for the very reasons we are seeing in SG… Come on LTA – time to act!

  4. Sorry to say You asked for it plus you are not even using a helmet. because of your stupidity others will be band from riding or this garmen will come up with some stupid rules just to protect stupid Dumb ass like you. Hope you spend your hospital time regretting your stupidity.

  5. Undertaker:
    There are more upcoming businesses for you all.

    New business:
    Construct wooden box to include the scooter inside.

    For Who:
    Pack in all these cheap thrill E Scooters riders.

  6. Please please please ban the escooter except with medical certification needed for transport. Nothing…absolutely nothing good came out of it since it first made its way to Singapore. Nothing but weekly reports of accidents after accidents.

  7. Common, ban this nuisance once and for all. Bloody menace on the roads and pedestrian walkways. Chewing gum is banned so likewise ban the e-scooters as well. Born with a pair of legs but don’t want to walk.

  8. More similar accidents will happen as we have fewer traffic police on patrols. LTA also outsourced their enforcement jobs to Cisco to book vehicles on bus lanes and issue parking summons.

    Singapore have lesser safe roads.

  9. Can’t say that E-scooter rider deserves it , ultimately he had already suffered the consequence with his life . Just how can people treat their life so insignificant as to think not only you have departed, left behind are the love ones that suffered endless night of misses and heartbroken ?
    These E-scooter serious do not belong on the roads…. when are all these “able bodied handicap” people going to learn ?

  10. Unlike many here who call for a ban on e-scooters, I believe riders should be licensed no differently from motorcyclists, forbidden to drive on footpaths and expressways and mandated to wear helmets. Personally, I don’t own one but I can see the need for them as housing estates start to sprawl over wider areas and there can be a need for them as “last mile” conveyances.

  11. Probably the PAP govt wants to see more deaths and serious injuries before they act on post event. We are getting lousy govt management nowadays . We don’t have this problem in the past.

  12. Should one day the authority come out the law of compulsory for all drivers/riders for motored vehicles to have license and wearing safety reflector jacket, as for heavy vehicles to have CCTV being install at all sides of the vehicle to check for blind spots?

  13. Apparently there is no cure for stubbornness and stupidity.
    They are not deaf or idiots TO UNDERSTAND all the risks. They knows but they still choose to use the thing and risk their life.
    Condolences though for the victim. RIP

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