Business & Economy Drone completes first parcel delivery in Singapore's NUS

Drone completes first parcel delivery in Singapore’s NUS




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The Airbus Skyways Drone being tested at the National University of Singapore completed its first successful flight. Campus-wide deliveries are expected soon, said

The portal said Singapore has become a hotbed for drone research, testing, and innovation.

Part of the testing is to better understand the dangers of drone collisions and now it is Airbus Helicopters that pushed the envelope when its Skyways drone completed its first successful flight demonstration at the National University of Singapore (NUS), said the portal.

According to Airbus, the presentation on campus consisted of the Skyways drone departing a maintenance center and landing atop a parcel station where a robotic arm loaded a package onto the drone’s hull before the UAV whirred off and landed safely.

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As this first official flight demonstrates, the Skyways project is currently at a presentable stage, the NUS campus serving as its test site with parcel station, maintenance center, and equipment at arm’s reach.

Airbus Helicopters’ Executive Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer, Alain Flourens, said, “The flight demonstration paves the way positively to our local trial service launch in the coming months. It is the result of a very strong partnership among the stakeholders involved, especially the close guidance and confidence from the CAAS. Safe and reliable urban air delivery is a reality not too distant into the future, and Airbus is certainly excited to be a forerunner in this endeavor.”

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