Driver nearly hits pedestrian’s son, then shouts at pedestrian demanding help to drive out


A driver who had difficulty parking apparently hit a pedestrian’s son before shouting at the pedestrian demanding her help to park.

The pedestrian, Lynn Marissa Liem, shared on Facebook that the incident happened over the weekend and wrote: “this dear indian lady couldnt park properly and hit 2 cars at my carpark and almost hit my son and still dare to shout at me and ask me to help her drive her car out”

In response to netizens’ hopes that Liem did not actually help to drive the car out, as the driver may then claim that Liem is the one who caused the damage, Liem replied in a comment that she did not do so.

She added that her son helped the lady call the police, even while the lady kept repeating that the police aren’t coming because there is no injury.

Netizens responding to Liem’s post noted that the driver appeared to be a foreigner. Poking fun at the driver’s parking skills, netizens questioned how the woman passed her driving test:


  1. This type of pest come here act as they are the lord back in their hometown. No to easy conversion from their licence.Stop the danger to lives and properties.

  2. My goodness cant even park head in!!! TP, are you sure she got licence and is Road Worthy? To avoid innocents being hit by her, demand her to have a TEST to ensure of safety on the road and also she is Road Worthy.

  3. And that female mutt is still busy yakking away on her cell phone. Yakking is a national past time for these idiots!

  4. (Zaidy) FYI, this foreigners just need to convert their India Mari Driving Licence to Singapore License….they only need to go Highway code Test….NO TP/PRACTICAL TEST

  5. Pay money to get licence.. quite common in india.. but sg gvt shd be more stringent in allowing d conversion instead of any probable ‘open backside’ policy n allowing all kinda craps.

  6. Would it be workable, if LTA could issue for those with converted car licences, a display similar to our Learner Drivers L plate, a plate called FT so that both pedestrians and other road users can keep a safe distance.

  7. Is there a need to state the Drivers ethnicity? Can’t news be reported factually without rousing any angry/anti-foreigner sentiments? There are just as many bad Drivers in any race and Color here in Singapore.

  8. This is a wake up call to Traffic Police and whoever approves such licences esp for drivers of big commercial vehicles – public buses and company transportation and also container trucks. Being a driver in another country DOES NOT mean 1 can drive here. They MUST DO a practical test here before giving the deserving ones the Licence.

  9. That’s very dangerous and people could have been killed – in an HDB void deck of all places.

    She should be jailed for a long time got dangerous driving and license suspended indefinitely.

  10. The best they do here is make phone calls. All day all year round. Talk on phone. Maybe she was talking on phone while driving.

  11. Could it be TP are also filled with FT thats why foreigners have their license converted so easily without taking practical test…our ppls life were be exposed to danger…what can you do about it….

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