Driver drove against traffic to catch Snorlax and got involved in 3-car-accident instead


A Facebook page dedicated to Beh Chia Lor highlighted an unsafe driver who drove dangerously against the flow of traffic only to try and catch a Snorlax. The Page credited the dashcam to Dennis Tan and quoted Dennis as saying:

“Some young punk driving SGC5619J drove against traffic and cut in dangerously after catching a Snorlax at Punggol Seventeenth Ave. Even wanted to challenge me after getting honked but hid after seeing the in car recorder. Eventually got into an accident further down the road”.

The dashcam showed the car being involved in a three-car accident further down the road.

In August The New Paper reported that a car had crashed into a kerb at the junction of Mei Chin Road and Mei Ling Street just because the drivers wanted to catch a Pokemon.