Driver arrested after fatal accident kills 4-year-old girl in Bukit Batok


A 53-year-old driver was arrested for causing death by a rash act, according to a police statement today, after he crashed into a four-year-old girl and her helper yesterday evening, around 6.40pm along Bukit Batok Central towards Bukit Batok West Avenue 2.

The child was killed as a result of the accident while her 37-year-old domestic helper is being treated at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital after she sustained.

The girl was also conveyed to the same hospital while she was unconscious, where she subsequently lost her life due to her injuries.


    • That is what I have been saying for so long. The poor little girl is in this case doesn’t have the chance to choose if she wants to be involved in this accident whereas those drug addicts have only themselves to blame cos no one can force you to take drug.

  1. Every driver on the road is a potential killer. Sadly, most just forget. I even saw a sticker on the back windscreen of a car that reads to the effect that “the thrill of speed would overcome the fear of death”. I hope the driver meets his death before he visits it on others.

  2. Not all driver fault.. pedestrian feel they always right….yes this will happen again…matter of time.. unless both driver and pedestrian respect each others….

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