Asia Malaysia Dr : Do you want me to be at 100?

Dr Mahathir: Do you want me to be PM at 100?

The Malaysian PM made the comment to journalists during the tabling of a bill to limit the prime minister's tenure suggesting that he fully endorses the bill




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Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr made a funny remark to journalists who were asking him about a bill to limit the prime minister’s tenure, which was tabled in Parliament on December 3.

In the remark to the , he said, “I am already 94. Do you want me to be PM at 100?”

The Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2019 was slated as the first item under Parliament’s Order Paper and it is part of the Harapan’s promises made in its manifesto.

In the Harapan booklet, the coalition said the move is aimed at curbing excessive powers and limiting the tenure of the prime minister to two terms.

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The bill was tabled for its first reading but debates are set for the next Parliament session in March next year.

Dr Mahathir’s response indicates he fully supports the bill.
Two months ago, he said the government planned to limit the tenure of the PM, Menteri Besar and Chief Minister to two terms.

The Menteri Besar and Chief Minister run the states in Malaysia.
has 201-page election manifesto that it published on March 8 last year.

But after it came to , Dr Mahathir said there are many promises in the manifesto that the Pakatan could not fulfill.

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Opinion on the validity of the electoral manifesto is divided. Anti-and pro-Pakatan supporters were riled up after Dr Mahathir said the coalition put a hasty manifesto together before the elections.

He said this was done because the coalition partners did not believe they were going to defeat the Barisan Nasional of Najib Razak.

In just over a year and a half in power, Pakatan Harapan has been praised for tackling corruption, the country’s debt, and bringing a new sense of belonging in the country.

However, many are unhappy with some of the measures and policies taken by the coalition.

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This culminated in the Pakatan Harapan’s massive and shocking defeat in the Johor by-election last month. -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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