DPM Tharman irks netizens for coming out to support PM Lee


Earlier today Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam urged Singaporeans to have confidence in the Government. He tried to explain that Ministerial Committees are not uncommon and that he himself chairs several of such Committees.

He acknowledged that the PAP-led government had its share of policies that have turned out quite wrong at different points in our history, but dismissed it as a challenge in governance that will never disappear, and is a challenge everywhere in the world.

His post touched especially on the integrity of the different generations of PAP leaders and said that they were all men of honour. DPM Tharman said that PM Lee is committed to the system of preserving the rule of law, and of policy-making that balances public against private interests.

In saying Ministerial Committees are not uncommon, DPM Tharman urges Singaporeans to have confidence in the Government

Readers of various media outlets who responded to DPM Tharman’s message of support for PM Lee criticised him for it.

Facebook user Seng Herng Yueng who responded to our post of the story in Facebook said: “Isn’t it the job of DPM to represent the interests of the citizens ? Has he forgotten his due diligence ? So instead of questioning the PM on so many of the alleged lapses (procuring deed of gift, installing personal lawyer as AG and so many more..) he went ahead to defend him ? I hv lost respect for this supposed last good guy of pap.”

The commenters with the most likes in The Straits Times report of the story in their Facebook similarly disapproved his message of support.

Joseph Kee: “Tharman, I always thought you are the clear thinking type but you joined the fray. There is nothing new in what you said which TCH had already said. Its the big glaring conflict of interest as a committee formed by ministers all of whom reports to the central figure of this whole controversy. I would expect the government to be smarter than that.Now it seems, when it was found out of this formation of the committee, the government is trying to wriggle its way out with all sorts of excuse.”

Lucy Chong: “Yes, set up ministerial committees to look into more urgent affairs like radicalized Muslims in our midst and armed forces. Leave private affairs and Wills of others alone. Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s dignity and legacy are being tarnished by unnecessary government interference. Advise your comrades to do the right thing.”

Leong Lim: “Our honourable minister Tharman, please don’t worry in this family affair & the committee that set up to deal with the options. Why don’t u set up more committees to look into improving our country’s economy, state welfare for the underprivileged & the senior citizens, creating more jobs instead of young abled bodied young people driving Uber & Grab. It’s a waste of our education system in training only drivers!”

Commenters with most number of likes in the Channel NewsAsia’s report in their Facebook also censured the DPM.

Frederick Lim: “Why is Oxley38 committee a secret and PM claimed he doesn’t know about it? You mean ministers can set up committees without approval from the boss? And why a secret committee is set up for a family dispute? Don’t claim national interest now when GCT (Goh Chok Tong) said it was a petty family dispute.”

Lupin Duabuipanda: “I don’t see a special committee being set up when the National Library at Stamford Rd is given up for a bypass , or the iconic Rochor Center being given up for (wait a min)… A bypass. And don’t get me start on Sungei Rd.”

Danny Yong: “The fact is you guys are trying to put aside the late LKY’s (Lee Kuan Yew’s) last wishes, plain and simple. That is a total disrespect to a great man.”

Wanbao Readers were similarly critical.

Jeffery Toh: “现在大家想知道是,立遗嘱是否有法律保障?如果是没有,那立遗嘱意义何在?这才是真正的重点!如果喜欢喜欢就推翻。。。。那以后那有人敢相信立遗嘱是有保障!” (Facebook auto translation: Now we all want to know whether there is any legal protection for the will. If not, what is the meaning of this will? That’s the real point! If you like it, you’ll be able to believe that a will is guaranteed!)

Peter Leow: “建国总理在立遗嘱时情形和遗嘱的内容那么重要的东西,应该都有人记录在案和保护好,都有几个版本,我不知道怎么说服人民对政府办事有信心?” (Facebook auto translation: I wonder how to convince people to have faith in the government when the prime minister is so important in the circumstances of his will and the contents of the will.)


  1. Tharman last time was a vocal opposition till the ISD treatment made him quietly join up the whiter than white clown party. If he can betray his own ideology for self preservation is that worth anyone’s confidence in him to talk about the public’s confidence in a broken government system since the day 1.

  2. machiam saying “dont care what other pple say, just trust us”…. if leadership, lhl + his DPMs + those few ministers in that secret comm like that = how to expect the other kakilang MPs to ask tough questions on 3 July??
    Maybe end up with a ratio 10 vs 1 wayang of “u dont talk bad my boss, we are the best, we cannot do wrong de, we ownself check ownself already, everything proper and correct” *popcorn + showtime*

    • Questions all vetted. Only approved questions will be tabled & answers all scripted. Its just a show being put up. Pity LHY & LWL. Govt weighing down on them. Its taohu versus stone. Without the 3rd July hearing, all know who is the winner.

  3. Pathetic. Is how I sum out Tharman’s plea. Ask a commoner like me to support the PM. Why? What wrong had the PM done that need my support. If had done wrong and I still support him will be doing the right thing. If he has not done anything wrong why make this plea. Pathetic.

  4. Forget abt the circus opening on july 3rd…from now on till the next GE in 3 yrs there will be surely a lot of cockups from this gov….and then the curtain will come down

  5. All members of the same choir. Oh, well even before parliamentary hearing they’re already offering public a preview of what’s the expected outcome will be.

    If there’s no internet today and whistle blowers we’d all be fools still. Good luck!

    • We thought Tharman is well-liked by citizens until they hope that he would be the one replacing PM Lee, when he steps down. Tharman is after all only working for his own interest by safeguarding his million dollars salary, by sucking up to his boss, PM Lee, inspite of being fully aware of the serious destructive allegations by PM Lee’s siblings. The siblings even produced evidences for their allegations. As such, Tharman is not the Prime Minister material, which means not the People’s Prime Minister.

  6. Tharman is my only hope that I think will guide the nation out of this mess, he understand the consequences PM lost his ground which could lead to some disastrous effect on the country and perhaps their own personal interest but his choice has greater negative effect on the faith and integrity of the country when the world know how downgraded we are to 4th World.

  7. DPM Teo said if he set up the Ministerial Committee but who did he get the approval from…U or the leader?….So then the approved leader will know regarding 38 Oxley house matters. Please Sir Tharman be truthful to the citizens of this country. If LHY is making fault accusations bring him to court. Otherwise abolished the Law of Wlll as it useless based on the fact that Government can overwrite even by the late LKY Will.

  8. Whenever there is problem, you can see each minister came out one by one to talk, first tch, thereafter shan, and now tharman…
    God….does these people ever have brain to think of their own?

    • They do have brains….BUT….they prefer to sell their askholes brain too the devil. Bloody phucking moronisters….might as well we have a minister who are not Too Highly educated but with a hands on n well like by the people in the streets rather than those elitez who are too heppi to be an askholes.

  9. U gonna slash coe, gst, wateva tax u suckas increases?.we sporeans gonna get back our cpf? We gonna have freehold of our hdb flat? We gonna see pay increase? We gonna see more sporeans in thw job sectors? We sporeans gonna have health, study benefits? We sporean gonna get bonuses should we support u suckas? Put in papers& sign in blood, only then u suckas have sporeans support!!! Stop begging balls up!!!

  10. That’s the problem….when you have a leader whose getting a bad reputation, you either support him or you leave. But who wants to leave? How to walk away from millions of dollars? So better do their best to clear his name otherwise all of them will be dragged down by their leader’s scandal.

  11. Like it or not all the big guns in PAP has to support LHL or else later kena teruk from boss. For the sake of multi millions many are willing to sell their souls!

  12. Everytime some ministers say something just drives the confidence level of this government further and further down the drain. It seems that they will say or do anything to prop up the damaged leader. I can only say this to them. Nation before party.

  13. Hey ahnai stop your fucking bullshit we the people r not retard ! Your 69.1 that hav supported you and your whites hav betrayed them please come clean if you guys hav made a mistake own up be a good clean politician don’t bullshit and try to cover up please




  15. We thought Tharman is well-liked by citizens until they hope that he would be the one replacing PM Lee, when he steps down. Tharman is after all only working for his own interest by safeguarding his million dollars salary, by sucking up to his boss, PM Lee, inspite of being fully aware of the serious destructive allegations by PM Lee’s siblings. The siblings even produced evidences for their allegations. As such, Tharman is not the Prime Minister material, which means not the People’s Prime Minister.

    • Cannot blame him lah has to follow lol if not later kena kick out become commoner like u n me malu lah, there is alots of example to see those against them end result.

  16. Alamak..ur surname change to “LEE”..I hv full respect for you n have thought of you become our next PM..now alamak..u spoil my mood…all the while..I thought u were more mature nor lime our frd.name Sha..u know who right.

  17. That’s the problem, u scratch my back, I scratch yours. We all walks happily to the bank and walks out with smiles..

    Who the hell in the world, would challenge your own boss!!

  18. Righteous people will only support the righteous PM and the government.. period!
    Something Is going wrong direction..: and you now blindly asking for citizens” support which is non-existence.., WE cannot lie to our heart and soul!
    Lost respect now…

  19. Haha all singing from the same choir. Wait for the overt porlumpars to come out with their solo renditions, especially LSS and Keechui and that arsehole Lawrence Wong. Josephine Teo will be a good one with her aimless soliloquy

  20. Dear Tharman, I had very high hope for Singapore if you had been the Prime Minister – was extremely impressed with your BBC-Hard Talk interview. Other senior ministers are comparatively found “wanting” especially PM Lee and Khaw B W (who I find at pains why is he still a minister after his remarks telling poor Singaporeans to go to Johore nursing homes to depart). This saga is a private matter and inappropriate for the Ministers representing the core of the government to openly attest to the honesty and integrity of the accused (PM Lee and Ho Ching). In my humble (less intelligent and adequately read) opinion, the government must stay out of the feud or opine on any matter relating to the Will of respected late LKY, the government has only to opine the role of Heritage committee and the matter of fact on Oxley Road property; Nothing Else. It now appears openly that the elected ministers and PAP MPs are supporting PM Lee blindly or in situ – based all allegations and exchanges/documents, such support may prove damaging to ministers and PAP MPs as it appears there is “truths or some truths” to Hsien Yang and Wei Ling disposition – thus it will undermine the credibility and integrity of the PAP, government and some good and honest ministers.

    • since the committee was setup to look into 38 Oxley fate, it no longer a private matter, citizens now have a right to know whats going on. 38 Oxley should be demolish as per LKY’s will, as LKY did mentioned a few times on interviews, his wish must be respected, the least the Nation can do for such a great leader.

  21. They will stoop to any low to salvage their ship. Only their yes men will come n unleash their wayang skills. Even their tv wayangs are flops. The last one centered on a MP serving people. You laugh at their mockery.

  22. How can we trust minister that joined politics for the sake of money instead of speaking up for the people in the Parliament that they represent? Dog don’t bites a feeding hand.

  23. Survey show nobody trust her HC to be CEO of TEMASEK and GIC . She should resign since she is the wife of the Prime Minister. Period . Number surveyed 1 person = 100 %

  24. You people never change. This is a family feud and this should be settle by the lee’s and not parliament. So should all family dispute be settle in parliament after this saga. If abused of power than a independent committe should look into it. So where is the fairness for LHY and LWL if you come out and asked the citizen to support LHL. You have whacked whoever opposed you from LKY days until now. Your famous saying defamation, so bring on the whip. Now what’s is it like, when Lee versus Lee. Are you all prepared to Bankrupt LHY and LWL, seized their assets, exiled them like what you have done to dissident who demanded the return of our cpf and disagreed with your policies. The citizens do not know head or tail on this issue until we read on Facebook etc. You have the cheek to ask us to support LHL.You all are too well paid, by LKY and now you have to support your boss. Do not forget LHY and LWL is also from the same tree as LHL. So do not be blinded in your support, be fair.

  25. LSY said LHL showed his true colour.
    LWL said shanmugam showed his true colour.
    Now Thaman supporters said thaman showed his true colour.

    Hmm…… Din know all been hiding their colours…. Until today

  26. Instead of asking his boss to be transparent, he is trying to impress upon us that nothing wrong with his boss action. How can this guy be the next PM? He should have just zipped his big mouth.

  27. Hey DPM Tharman sir, people respect u a lot, but u don’t have to speak for something u don’t believe in because your are obligated to do so under his rule la. U need to relax and keep out of this sir.

  28. Tharman you made a great mistake.Most of us respect and trusted you regardless of what race or religion we are but you have proven you can’t be trusted you care about the millions pay check.YOU MADE AGREAT MISTAKE THARMAN.

  29. Alas when all was said and done and the dust finally settled I suppose he knew where his bread and butter was. Did you expect anything more from this man ?????. As Mr Ngiam a former Perm Sec said even if he wanted to sit on the fence I’m sure his wife would have intervened

  30. He is another lap dog. I thought he will keep his mouth shut but it appears he is no different from Teoh Chee Hean. Birds of the same feathers.flock together.

  31. If you see a snake and an Indian analogy come to play again. Next time don’t be taken in easily. If he becomes PM, he maybe worse than LHL. He may sell out Singapore to India like CECA.

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