DPM Teo reveals members of ‘secret’ committee while Hsien Yang continues referring to them as ‘shadowy’


Following days of repeated badgering by Lee Hsien Yang asking the government of his brother to reveal who the members of the “secret” Ministerial committee deliberating on the fate of 38 Oxley Road were, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Teo Chee released a statement today acknowledging that it was set-up and chaired by him.

Mr Teo confirmed that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had recused himself from all Government decisions to be taken on 38 Oxley Road. He added that other Ministers like Grace Fu, K Shanmugam, and Lawrence Wong, were also on the Committee.

Statement by DPM Teo Chee Hean on Ministerial Committee

His statement did not say what the Terms of Reference of the Committee were, but said that the Government had a “responsibility to consider the public interest aspects of any property with heritage and historical significance, and this applies to 38 Oxley Road.”

His statement further explained why the Committee was established when no immediate decision was necessary on the issue. The DPM said that he tasked relevant government agencies to study a range of options for the property.

Lee Kuan Yew’s younger son, Lee Hsien Yang, hit back almost immediately after DPM Teo’s statement was released. Mr Lee said that his sister and he had asked repeatedly for information – from the outset for almost a year – about who comprised of this Committee, but that this information was denied to them.

DPM Teo has finally revealed the composition of the shadowy committee members. This was information that Wei Ling and I…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mr Lee called the Committee a “wrong forum” and “fundamentally flawed” because it was made up of his elder brother’s subordinates, and they were arbitrating on an issue related to their boss.

“As the subordinates of the PM, how can they possibly be in a position to deal in this private disagreement?”

He further divulged how Minister Lawrence Wong brushed him and his sister off when they raised concerns about a member in the Committee.

“We had expressed specific concerns on the possible membership of Shanmugam and his conflict of interest having advised Lee Kuan Yew and us on options to help achieve Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes, and the drafting of the demolition wish. This represents a clear conflict of interest.
When we raised this in writing, we were brushed off by Lawrence Wong with “Nothing you have stated precludes any member of the Cabinet from taking part in the Committee’s work or its deliberations, with the exception of the Prime Minister.””

Mr Lee said that his sister and him found the refusal to identify the members of the committee, and to confirm the Law Minister’s recusal particularly troubling.

Mr Lee also released part of an email conversation his sister had with the Law Minister in 2011 on the matter. The email titled “Oxley”, written by his sister, Dr Lee Wei Ling, addressed to Mr Shanmugam and copied to Mr Lee Hsien Yang read:

“MM thinks Loong asked him to speak to the cabinet because Loong wanted cabinet to tell father they want it preserved. He is agreeable with your suggestion. I told him after you meet with Yang and me, then we decide how to draft his will with regards to this house.”

Dr Lee shared her brother’s post and said: “Shanmugam was extensively consulted and advised my father over lunch.”

Shanmugam was extensively consulted and advised my father over lunch.

Posted by Lee Wei Ling on Saturday, 17 June 2017


  1. Get to know who are the farkers and scumbags in the illegal gangster’s ministerial community of inquiry for nonsense who cannot accept anything but carry balls of LHL.

  2. I empathized with the 2siblings: at least in the US, there are venues for transparency, accountability and integrity and independence of legislators when the Director of FBI was fired. What options are there for the 2 siblings to secure independent and accountable course of action? For those who are blinded by Loong’s assertions, why did Mr.Teo not declare the charter n members of the ‘secret committee’ in 2014 or 2015? Was LKY of sound mind, when he signed the Will… it troubles me that the State is used to interfere a matter of probate!

  3. Please lah, LWL & LHY are the children of LKY also beside LHL, you think they will be so stupid as to make this public if they are not confident of winning?

  4. Mr. Law Minister-You want to embarrass yourself with your increasingly juvenile, personal and Trump-ish remarks, please go ahead. But when you had the blatant audacity to represent Singaporeans in this case, it is another story altogether. Until you are able to produce a statistically-significant survey/study which revealed that “the majority of Singaporeans are sick and tired about these allegations”, do not attempt to make unprofessional remarks like this. Because it merely highlights your intellectual impotency, which is clearly in its terminal stage. And by making this statement as a Law Minister without embellishing it with the requisite facts, you are disgracing not only yourself but everyone who has the misfortune of being legally trained in this nation. By proclaiming that the government has serious business to attend to, you are implying that your government is incapable of settling allegations of this nature swiftly and also attending “to the welfare” of Singaporeans at the same time. So I guess multi-tasking is not the forte of you and your team of Ministers? I see. And are you also saying that this issue is not “serious business” when it involves the integrity and reputation of the PM? What kind of hogwash are you sprouting? And please do not shame yourself further by listing your centuries of legal experience in denouncing LHY’S allegations? So what if an individual possesses all these experiences? Do they preclude the individual from being a nincompoop and from making a mistake at any given time? LHY’s latest allegation is that since the committee is filled with PM’S subordinates, it is “fundamentally flawed” as this remains a private issue. Attack him concretely or explain to us concretely why there’s no conflict or perception of conflict in this case. Your explanation is pretty flimsy honestly and why should he engage a lawyer to question whether there’s a conflict of interest? The onus is on you to explain to the public clearly and in detail since this is a matter of national interest. Because NEWS FLASH-not all Singaporeans are like some of your supporters who would prefer to avoid all these debates and discussions. And do ask your boss if he’s going to sue LHY and LWL for defamation as in the wise old words of GCT-if you do not sue those that defame you, then you must leave the cabinet.

  5. I think should get the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) To form the committee. Especially the 9 religious leaders are more holy and netural.

  6. In the USA, the x-FBI Director, Comey, was visibly uncomfortable, n had clearly been tormented mentally with anguish n uncertainty on how to answer Trump When asked to “go easy with Flynn. A good man. N let it go”! This in democratic USA. Can one imagine how OUR CIVIL SERVANTS n SUBORDINATES of Sgp government will react when asked to ” question or disagree” with PM Lee?

    Go figure if the “not secret” ministerial Committe will rule? Against the “Boss’s” wishes? Logic dictates that Survivors will not. Logic dictates that for the money, the survivors will not!!

    Not compelling enough to hv truly independent committee members for this task – decide against a dead man’s last wish? Peace to the LEEs!!

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