DPM Teo on rejecting divisive views and enhancing community resilience

Photo: Facebook/Teo Chee Hean With Ustaz Ali and Ustaz Hasbi, Co-Chairmen of the Religious Rehabiltation Group

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean emphasised the importance of doing away with divisive views that might discourage people from interacting with one another.

DPM Teo spoke at an iftar dinner, organised by the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) and the Khadijah Mosque in Geylang.

One of the main messages of his speech was how “we must remain vigilant at all times, and enhance our community resilience.”

In talking about community resilience, Mr Teo added, “We should reject views that limit our interactions and divide us as communities”.

In a speech he delivered in Malay, Mr Teo said that it is important that people from all faiths “can have meals together, visit one another, and share our joys and sorrows together”.

Also present at the event were Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkifli and his predecessor, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, along with community and religious leaders of different faiths.

RRG co-chair Ali Mohamed spoke about a rise in violent extremism as religion gets increasingly politicised.

He said that in the face of religion being misused to promote the wrong agendas, within the community itself, racial and religious harmony should be promoted, along with awareness.

Mr Teo shared photographs of the event on his Facebook account. Along with the photographs, he wrote, “Many thanks for the important work of the RRG and community groups to counter extremism and help save individuals from doing harm to their families, loved ones & innocent victims. Let us continue to build trust and understanding between all communities, to safeguard the social harmony and unity that we enjoy.”