Double-bed spotted crammed inside Bukit Panjang drain; police investigate likelihood of habitation


Photos of a double-bed mattress on a metal frame squeezed inside a large drain at Bukit Panjang have been circulating online.

It is believed that the Public Utilities Board has referred the case to the police who are investigating the likelihood of habitation in the drain, while netizens speculate that the bed may be used for vice activities.

Photos of the drain, which is located near Senja Rd and West Spring Secondary School and close to the Kranji Expressway (KJE), show plastic bags and what appear to be shoes beside the bed.

One construction worker, a Mr Rahim, has told online news streams that he had observed three men living in the drain and sleeping on the metal bed on several occasions over the past 2-3 months.

The PUB has reported that the items have since been removed as police investigations are ongoing.

The board reiterated that members of the public are prohibited from entering drains at all times for safety reasons. A spokesman added that rainfall in upstream sections of the drain might cause a sudden and rapid flow of water into the drain, causing danger to people who enter the drain.

Those found entering local waterways without permission can face a maximum fine of S$3,000.

wah lao eh, see liao heart damn sour man! wonder who is the bodoh pek kambeng boss boh brain one ah?!Singapore Ministry of ManpowerReader's contribution

Posted by SG Kay Poh on Sunday, 29 October 2017


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