Featured News Domestic workers caught moonlighting as beer girls in coffeeshops

Domestic workers caught moonlighting as beer girls in coffeeshops




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Foreign domestic workers were caught moonlighting as beer maids at a Kallang coffeeshop, recently. A 70-year-old gentleman called Mr Zhang informed the Chinese daily that several foreign domestic helpers ply coffeeshop patrons with beer, to earn some extra money over the past few months.

Mr Zhang wrote in to the publication after the daily reported that the field outside Kallang MRT station is filled with a large crowd of about 200 helpers and foreign migrant workers picnicking, playing games and even allegedly cuddling each other intimately and “indecently” over the weekends.

After Mr Zhang shared that he has seen domestic helpers working as beer maids during the weekends over the past two months, reporters visited the coffeeshop and spotted five foreign domestic helpers working there as beer maids.

The reporter observed that the helpers, who were dressed in low-cut tops and short skirts, plied the patrons with alcoholic beverages. Wearing heavy makeup, these women were reportedly seen laughing with the patrons and allegedly bending low to show off their chests to their customers.

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The reporter revealed that one senior customer reached out to stroke the chest of one helper while another older patron stroked the long hair of another helper. The reporter added that the beer maids were flirtatious and allowed the patrons to grope them in exchange for tips.

The helpers reportedly stayed at the coffeeshop all day before leaving around 7 or 8pm. Several residents in the vicinity who were interviewed by the reporter revealed that they had seen some of the helpers leaving the coffeeshop with their middle-aged or elderly customers.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, it is unlawful for domestic helpers to work for another person or at another address other than the employer whom they help. Employers cannot permit their helpers to work part-time or for another person or business, even if their helper has some spare time and wants to supplement her income.

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