Domestic helpers criticise Michelle Chong’s “ridiculous” impression of helpers in Singapore


Some domestic helpers working in Singapore have taken issue with television personality Michelle Chong’s impression of a helper, as presented in a new video sponsored by the Ministry of Manpower.

The video is aimed to make employers and helpers aware that employers are not allowed to hold their helpers’ pay for them. To help illustrate this, Chong takes on her famous role of ‘Leticia Bongnino’ – a character she has previously played on popular satire show, The Noose:

Leticia Bongnino is back after 5 years and her Mam is keeping her salary. Special thanks: Singapore Ministry of Manpower

Posted by Michelle Chong on Monday, 15 January 2018

While some helpers responding to the video appreciated the content of the video and Chong’s performance as being beneficial for both employers and helpers, others criticised the way she spoke.

These helpers felt that the “ridiculous” accent Chong used was not reflective of how helpers really speak and added that she is just trying too hard to be funny:


  1. Their community getting more and more and will becomes bighead sooner. What to do,our govt loves them. Later they will demands Tagalog to becomes 5 language here. Human beings. Will forever forget their roots and hardships whenever they managed to get a better life everywhere in those world.

    • You are late. If you read filipino media, some always claim singapore as filippino territory. Singapore chinese are just sinic filipinos like their own chinese. And with singapore being an english-speaking island like their archipelago, claiming us to be another luzon or mindanao is wholly justified. So the reasons go… bah bah bah. Why not? How far is alaska from the US mainland?

  2. Trying to portrait a stereotype of a domestic help is bad taste, whether it was an act or not. We must be sensitive to those who are being represented in 0the act. It may be funny to local viewers. But, it may be offensive to those being portrayed. Think about that.

  3. Watch comedian show.

    Know the different between comedian jokes and non comedian jokes.

    If you cannot take it under the comedian definition. Jolly well pack up go back to where you come from.

    Switch to cable vision 515 Central channel. Those comedian jokers even speak of racist and criticised on many others issue. They are International comedian.

    Suggest you know the different between comedian classic. This is Sg comedian. No happy go back.

  4. An Actress is an actress! Doesn’t matter how she speak as helper.Her acting skill is far better than some of others Top Ten .Like Mr. Bean …she really played her role well. We speak.Singlish n we’re proud to be recognised. No sorry about that! When come to Exam ..Singaporean scored well in English. But we don’t speak like Queen’s English. Bravo!

  5. It is meant for entertainment purpose , why get so serious , not as that we care if you speak the way that is spoken on noose?
    What next ? PRCs criticizing on Michelle for the impression of LULU ?….And all the Ah Lians going to kick a fuss on her latest impression of Ah Hua too ? Chey…
    Michelle Chong is talented , brainy and hilarious ….. end of the story .

  6. My goodness. Don’t understand what is meant by “tongue in cheek” and satirical humour? If there was no riot in India, China, and Japan just because of the comedy series “Mind Your Language”, then what’s the fuss about? Chill, man. Come to our country, just live and let live If not, just pack up and go back. Simple.

  7. She wasn’t that far off the mark to be honest. And you people criticizing her for being racist; get of your high horse before you fall off. Stop calling other people out when you raise your kids, telling them things like ,” if you don’t be have I’ll get the Indian man to come catch you”. Because guess what, we’re all slightly racist. I mean.. It’s stereotypes like Indians (I’m Indian/ Chinese) always mabuk, go home beat wife, Chinese eyes so small cannot see well enough to drive car, Malay always late, Eurasian… Well non existent. So please there is nothing wrong with what she did. I actually think she should get a A for effort.

  8. She irritates the Filipinos by imitating them in the way they speak ! If you want to give a talk to Filipinos or other nationality, get their own citizen to speak, then this would not cause alarm to them. I know she has talent, but use it intelligently. See, when Gurmit spoke in Singlish, our own pple like it and laugh.