Domestic helpers and foreign workers kissing and hugging at Ang Mo Kio underpass draws public concern


Some members of the public have complained about overtly public displays of affection between some domestic helpers and migrant workers at the Ang Mo Kio MRT underpass.

According to a 45-year-old executive, Ms Liu, the underpass has turned into a “hot spot” for gatherings between foreign workers who congregate there for picnics and such every Saturday and Sunday, between 10am and 7pm.

Reporters from the Chinese daily who visited the location on Sunday, 4 Mar, wrote that they spotted at least four pairs of foreign workers kissing and hugging under the underpass during the evening.

One Ang Mo Kio resident, 36-year-old housewife Anita, said that the foreign workers began gathering in the area from over one year ago and that they can be noisy, at times: “They will have lunch at the park nearby. Sometimes they can get noisy until I can hear it from my home.”

Other residents reportedly expressed concerns that the public kissing and hugging will be a bad influence on children.

Domestic helpers interviewed by the Chinese daily had a different take on the issue. An unnamed domestic helper said that the workers are simply eating and chatting and that they do not interfere with residents going about their day.