Domestic helper deliberately pours hot oil on 14-year-old boy; gets 12 months jail


An Indonesian domestic helper was sentenced to a year in jail after she was convicted for causing hurt to her employer’s 14 year old son by deliberately pouring hot oil on him.

The helper, Sugianti who is 20 years older than the boy, could have been jailed for up to 7 years and/or fined for committing the offence but is believed to have received a lighter sentence given the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Sugianti’s attack on the boy appears to be a culmination of spats between her and the boy which began on 15 Feb when the helper scolded the boy for spilling liquids on the floor supposedly causing his sister to slip and fall.

The helper’s admonishments irritated the boy and caused him to shout at the helper who yelled back at the boy. Frustrated, the teenager trashed a shelf in the helper’s bedroom holding her possession.

The boy later replaced the items and tidied the shelf, worried that Sugianti – who had been employed with his family since October 2016 – would bring the matter up to his father.

Later that day, Sugianti was frying chicken wings when she again scolded the boy. The boy responded by covering her mouth from behind and pulling on her hair to stop her from scolding him further. Sugianti shook the frying pan at the boy a few times and called him a “devil’s son.”

Upset, the boy scratched her face and walked away.

Sugianti was incensed and challenged the boy to a fight, which the boy declined. This was when the helper lifted the frying pan and poured hot oil on the boy, scalding his arm and leg.

The boy cried in shock and was taken to a polyclinic the next day. A police report was subsequently lodged.


The helper was also treated at Changi General Hospital for a claw mark under her right eye and for having a sore back.

Sugianti’s lawyer pleaded for leniency, adding that the helper had suffered much verbal abuse from the boy.

In sentencing the helper, the judge noted a certain amount of malice and intention on the helper’s part and ruled that a deterrent sentence was necessary.



  1. The boy’s behaviour is a normal behaviour of a teenager, scolding is not going to help but aggravated the situation. There’s always a less aggressive way to behave, there’s no excuse to pour oil to the boy. Here again, she is only a maid that can help in housework but can’t help you to bring up a child.

  2. Domestic helpers are after all extra hands employed, not someone in the family. Employers need to keep a close eye on what’s going on, especially when there are young children around. You want your child to take after your values, not those of your maid so eventually U still need to spend quality time with them, not leaving them entirely with the helper.

  3. In Spore the gov does not understand very much about how to handle FDW. The level of protection & education to the public as if these FDW are always the weaker is ridiculous, perhaps they are not familiar with these ppl from 3rd world country, they are hardly the victim, in fact they take advantage of our gov system as well as their employer. Many stories of how these FDW suffer are publicised but “most” employers suffer under the hands of FDW. FDW tends to go around seducing neighbourhood, breaking family up whether it’s their employers or neighbour’s teen, husband, grandpa. They don’t mind any age, or looks. They bring with them tons of problems from attitude, to relationship, family, monies problem, even if they are educated if they are given phone or day-off.
    It is best not to hire any FDW if u can to prevent, your parents from being killed, your money from being stolen, your children being abused, your home being trespasses by male they bring to your property when you’re not around, your husband from being seduced, your neighbour hearing the secrets your maid shared about you with Tom dick and Harry.

    • Kath K Wong true. There are some bad employers but by ratio it is e FDW that’s playing the employers & gov because of where they came from, their culture, even their own family members are not trustworthy to them which is why they’ve developed such attitude. First time when I went to one of these countries I was told to be very strict with them, I didn’t get it, just like everyone I thought these are ppl less fortunate, time and again I even suspected employers must have bullied these ppl. It’s not so. I’ve learned much.

      Coming from sheltered environment ppl are more sympathetic towards the weak. Little did they know those who has nothing to loose are dangerous.

    • Not only should protection for FDWs be raised, but their employers should face even stiffer penalties for abusing them. In this situation, the FDW should have receivd an even lighter sentence, and the parents jailed for negligence. And if someone in the family does decide on a consensual basis to fall for their maid, good on them! Great romance story for the kids.

  4. FWD are always weaker is simply current experience make me more like a victim in my country …such a shame to even hear that a maid can actually pour oil to a young boy in his country …

    • Infact MOM need to exercise very strict policy with FDW, by default employer must give review upon early termination or end of contract if said FDW can be hired again or not. This must be very strict, if an employer says no, Spore must not issue IPA ever again. Only the employer knows best, sometimes employers keep silent about a FDW because these FDW have their ways of threatening the employer. There are plenty of DH wanting/needing a job, the supplies is more than the demands. There’s nothing spore stands to loose. Rather than jeopardising the safety of old folks, young kids, innocent kind hearted ppl, described as monster by these FDW.

      Ppl from 3rd world country are extremely cunning, hostile to one another, no matter how educated they are it doesn’t educate them morality.

  5. Well, that’s what you get when you don’t look after your own children. By all accounts, he was a complete brat. Domestic workers should be focused on cleaning houses, not rearing kids.

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