Does Marine Parade GRC really believe in ownself check ownself?


In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong lambasted the opposition’s call to elect more opposition members into parliament to robustly check on the People’s Action Party (PAP), as a “seductive lie”. Mr Goh, who until the last election was the anchor-Minister for the Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency, proudly declared: “We (the PAP) are our own checks.”

Pritam Singh, an opposition MP, brought up this declaration of Mr Goh’s and famously dubbed it in Singlish, “ownself check ownself”. Mr Singh asked Singaporeans if this is a system we want in Singapore.

The anchor-member of Mr Singh’s Aljunied GRC, Mr Low Thia Khiang, also made a similar comment more recently in Parliament when he rose to speak on the allegations against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made by his siblings about the abuse of power.

When Mr Goh asked him and other MPs to “state their position clearly on PM’s and the Government’s integrity,” Mr Low pointed out that they cannot do that because all the PAP has done is “ownself defend ownself”.

Now a viral Facebook post from a resident of Marine Parade GRC seem to suggest that Mr Goh’s constituency is really serious about “ownself check ownself”.

Ownself check Ownself

Posted by Teo Hong on Saturday, 8 July 2017

A notice put up by the town council said that the supervisor and the cleaner of the town council are the same person.

The Facebook post of the post has gone viral with over 1,700 shares since being posted on Saturday. Several other netizens have taken a dig at the town council over the supposed gaffe.

[Ownself defend ownself and ownself check ownself]In Parliament on 4 Jul, ESM Goh asked Low and WP MPs to "state their…

Posted by We want Minister Grace Fu to resign on Monday, 10 July 2017


  1. Own self check own self, own self defend own self, own self pay own self. own self ‘debate’ own self…. and now own self screw own self, and soon own self destroy ownself!!!!

  2. Maybe we should , it save alot red tape , time n money .STUDENTS can ownself mark their test paper Hawkers can ownself check their own hygiene , public service officers can ownself do KPI no threat from one another

  3. Then every Singaporean can own self check own self, govt check themselves, then don’t come and disturb us and ask for money to pay for your “own self check own self system”

  4. It is not perfect.

    But those opposition expected PAP to spoon feed them?

    The oppositions are not able to get the vote from Singaporean and loose in the General Election.

    So they blame PAP for ownself check ownself instead of recognise their own weakness.

    Dont tell me about dirty tactic, look at USA election, it happen too.

  5. All along PAP Ministers and MP likes to criticise opposition as though they are always right, they don’t make mistakes. When opposition’s MP have a affairs, they attacked and calling the MP to resign but when their own MP having affairs they quickly closed the subject and no more discuss it. Dirty politicians

  6. Mr Goh please adhere to Vivian Balakrishnan great quote. “If you make a mistake come clean”. Maybe you have forgotten, what you said about being accused wrongfully you must sue to defend your status. So why become arrogant/aggressive when Mr low quoted your famous words.

  7. Self check or self audit is 1 sure way for;
    – corruption
    – cover up
    – abuse of authority
    – cronyism
    – incompetence

    We have seen the shortcomings in NOL, SGX, SIA, MRT, LTA, PUB, Temasek…Marine Parade Town Council, PAP adulterous candidates/MPs etc. Where is the transparency n accountability? Self-check obvious had failed for PAP in the candidates who were lecherous in their dark side, only public disclosure put shame into PAP’s self-check n excuses!

  8. If we cannot uphold the principles of conflict of interest in any policies, I do not know how are we as parents and public education institutions going to impart our children the value of responsibility, respect and righteousness…..

  9. Every body has independent checks. Or a body can make dubious decisions and payouts as they please. Then allow the banks, insurance companies and many more bodies to perform ownself check ownself’. Stop all these associations and regulatory bodies. He is a highly stupid and irritating idiot.

  10. I accidentally stole ur money & ur life while having a kg of drugs… i checked myself for my own intergrity, & i tell court im not guilty? Can or not? & i declare to the AG i support the whites!!!

    So do i walking free?

  11. Remember folks, when your boss wants to give you an appraisal, tell them there is NO need, in Singapore – like the government – We can Ownself check Ownself, Ownself Appraise Ownself, Ownself Promote Ownself, Ownself Increase Ownself Salary! OK!!!!

  12. When u all voted for people u are for ownself check ownself. Idiots! So many of them in singapore. Hope them, their family, love ones, get into shit and let the ownself check ownself dealt with them “fairly”. Always those selfishly voted their choice will surely get what they voted for.

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