Does Joanna Dong look like Xiang Yun?


There has been a heated discussion that Joanna Dong looks like local actress Xiang Yun on the social media. While the 36-year-old jazz vocalist who advanced to 3rd finalist position in Sing! China competition had not responded to the tease, it turns out that she embraces by sharing a witty pun.

In a time show of CLASS 95, a local English radio station, DJ Jean Danker asked Dong: Many people think you look like Xiang Yun, what do you think?

Joanna giggled and said, “yes, many people have said that to me.”

“In fact, the joke is that people call me xiang xiang yun,” she said playfully. “Xiang” in Chinese means “look alike”.

Just like Dong’s unmistakable singing talent, her funny and agreeable character has made her a more likeable figure in the media scene.

And now she’s got a nickname xiang xiang yun.



  1. Xiang Yun looks like 55 plus amost to 60 years old and Joanna looks 30 plus , how is it they look alike? one looks like a young mom whereas the other looks like a grandma

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