Asia Malaysia Do you miss Najib? Netizens say no and want him behind bars

Do you miss Najib? Netizens say no and want him behind bars




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A Facebook post gave an indication of the shift in sentiments against ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak alias Bossku.

A Facebook user asked in his post whether his followers missed the days of the Barisan Nasional ruling in Malaysia.

Many responded with sarcastic and angry comments, with a majority saying they want to see Najib and his team behind bars.

The post is from the Facebook page Viral Malaysiaku and was shared on the KELAB RAKYAT BERSATU MALAYSIA (KRBM).

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The post shows a photo of the members of Najib regime together with the ex-PM, asking ‘Do you miss them,’ if yes press 1.

A few pressed 1, some pressed 1 saying we will never miss that government. Most of them says “The robbers, the pirates, those who robbed the country we will not miss you.”

Here are some reactions from the Facebook users:

Mahmuddin Idris ????barisan penyamun..patut ke aku rindu? (Why should I miss the Barisan of robbers?)

Zamil Imran Tak langsung… Kitanak pas (We dont miss them, we want PAS – the Islamist party)
FiezallSyahrif Rindu tapitabohbrim 3k setiapsowang???? (Miss them but they should come back with handouts of RM3000)
Abbas Ho Sg buloh Rindu kat kau (Sg Buloh – the jail – misses you)
Affendi Ahmad Sg buluhkandangbesi(Sg Buloh the jail)
Another user says Manday Man Rindu tapikenaubahyg mana mp dan adunygtelahberkhidmattigapenggalharusditukar(Miss them but there must be limits on MP’s and Assemblyment serving in office)
The responses are however totally in a reversal of what we saw lately in Malaysia, that is a surge in support for Najib and his party.
Perhaps the sentiments among the Malaysians are shifting following the explosive elements that came out of the court proceedings involving Najib and the 1MDB related scandals.
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