Do Singaporean workers have bargaining power in employment contract terms?

Question from our reader. 

Recently, my company wants to increase my job area, at first I was thrilled by the learning opportunity in a work I am interested. However, the company wants to extend my contract by, and I was not informed what are the new terms in the extended contract, such as if there will be in change of salary, and leave allowance, nor did the company mention what will be the distribution of work between my new and current job area. Given that the unknown, I approached the HR in an email to shorten the extension period and to sign the new contract when I am more sure of the job scope and the ability to handle them, I got a response that I feel was an attempt to force me make a decision that is less advantageous for me by saying that if I do not want to sign the new contract, then the company will not involve me in the new job area.

I also feel that making me sign an extended contract when there is still some time before my current contract ends and sidetracking when talking about new terms is a tactic to benefit the company in that it can have one person doing 2 job areas at the same salary and benefits.

Do you think you have any bargaining powers with your employer? Leave your comment below.