‘Dirty laundry’ preacher detained in Malaysia

Zamihan Mat Zin captured on video during his vitriolic speech

The Muslim preacher Zamihan Mat Zin who went on a rampage against a Sultan and later attacked the media for reporting his insanities has been remanded for two days over his speech that went viral in Malaysia.

The Pertubuhan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Malaysia (Aswaja) president was arrested on Wednesday at the Dang Wangi police headquarters.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun had earlier said a police report had been lodged against Zamihan and that he would be investigated under the Sedition Act.

“Such remarks are the least expected from one working with a religious authority as people expect religious authorities to encourage goodwill among multiracial Malaysians,” said MCA Youth secretary-general Datuk Leong Kim Soon in a statement.

The preacher has a track record of targeting Christians and those he labels “liberal” or “moderate” Muslims.

Most of his statements can be found in a series of video clips uploaded to the “OnLine Majlis Ilmu” YouTube channel, which has more than 27,000 subscribers, said The Star.

In one video, uploaded in April, he labelled lawyer and activist Siti Kassim an apostate.

He said this was because Christians were “kafirs” (infidels), while he also attacked those he considers Muslim liberals.

Prior to his arrest, the preacher said he was not afraid if his statement was recorded on video, was manipulated or was doctored: “I am not afraid.” he said, adding he is not frightened to criticise those on top, even the Sultan.

“Some people will send the video to the authorities, but I am not afraid because I am speaking the truth,” he said, launching an attack against the Chinese community in the process: ‘Cina kencing berak tak basuh’ (The Chinese do not clean themselves after they relieve themselves in the toilet), he lambasted.

He then explained how Muslims use the toilet, by not letting any defalcation or pee get into their clothing.

He added that Muslim clothes could not be allowed to mix with that of non-Muslims as the Muslims had to make sure their clothes were clean when they go to prayer.

“We wear our clothes for us to pray, to recite the Holy book the Quran, to go for Haj…how can we mix our clothing with that the non-Muslims?” he asked.

He then questioned whether the ‘period’ of Chinese ladies that could spill in their clothes, those holding their dogs, drink alcohol, eat pork, and pork soup. All this is synonym with them,” Zamihan said.

Zamihan, however, said the issue involving the laundry was exaggerated by the enemies of Islam and became a problem when it was reviewed by the Sultan as the head of Islam in Johor.

He also threatened to sue the newspapers in Malaysia that reported his statement on the ‘dirty laundry’, adding that his speech was distorted and misrepresented.


  1. Actually this preacher is either not well educated or just plain ignorant… if washing the ass with just water is enough to get rid of faecal matter and bacteria, then there’s no reason for healthcare practitioners to use soap. And… he seems to think that when people wash their ass with water, the water (containing poop) won’t splash into their long garments… haha what a dumbass. Somebody should tell him to stop talking, cuz his stupidity is showing.

  2. The Great Sufi Saint Bulley Shah once said, “By all means demolish all the places of worship for you will never find The Lord in it.
    But never break anyone’s Heart for therein resides True Love”
    True Live means GOD.
    Zamihan is your Heart pure?
    Where is your watch, handphone, telephone, car, clothes,medicine and “suspenders” from?
    Do you really follow what the Holy Prophet of Islam and his followers did?
    Ride in a Camel caravan to your workplace.
    Please don’t be a Kurang Ajar and speak against a Wise And Just Sultan of Johore.
    Even we Singaporeans live that Royal Family.
    Go to Afghanistan and stop making fun of “Ala Ka Zam Zam”.
    Have respect for that Holy Well which provided water for Siti Hajar and her baby.
    Pakai Akal Imam!!!

  3. Arrogant extremist n racist ! How clean u r touching the dirty faeces with yr bare hand n how many r washing properly wth plenty of water n wth soaps, ask yourself ! Smell yr hand next time ! We r more smart using toilet paper n wash later ! U call yr self clean wth dirty mouth n minds ?

  4. Throw away all your money as it’s been handled by many non- Muslims. And then go live in a jungle or for that matter kill yourself as the air you are breathing is “not clean” too it’s been shared by, again many non-Muslims. This is the kind of man who will be among the first to join the ISIS – if the ISIS were to occupy his land – and kill innocent people.

  5. What cleanliness this stupid mortal refers to? He should read the Parable of the leprosy (The Unclean).
    in the Bible. Stupid as a Donkey Kong! From where did he get his cleanliness judgement? His mouth and mind are already unclean. If what he said are physically unclean. Once we prepare for prayers all our thoughts are clean and pure to our souls, there should not have any dirty thoughts in our minds, all our focus are totally on our Almighty only. Let “GOD” Mighty Powers lead us not into temptations, may his lights shine into our soul to cleanse all our sins which we had unknowingly committed!

  6. Extremist mindset no wonder people stereotype them. Scare others stain or dirty them? Who is the one that is most dirty? Sepf reflect before judging others please. Obviously he is racist and stereotype towards other race who he thinks they are inferior. Please don’t act so spiritual and holy, sometimes religions are the cause of all sorts of nonsensical issues.

    If he thinks other races and their stuff cannot mix with their kind, then don’t take the money, its widely circulated everywhere not halal money everything also must be special or entitles to his believe, go colonize a region and live in your extremely radical fantasy world better.

    This kind is the reason why, people cannot get along and live in harmony.

  7. The money he touch…how he know if the pork seller has touched it or not? He put that dollar in his wallet and go for his prayer…he wash the dollar before he put money in his wallet not?? Bloody fools like this spoils the image of a very Simple and Uncomplicated Religion which i am proud to be part of.