Did Government Communication Chief condemn Cabinet Ministers as “small minded” people?


Lee Wei Ling has just published a new Facebook post this morning (30 Jun).

In it, she revealed that PM Lee had made statutory declaration stating that during a Cabinet meeting on 21 Jul 2011, the ministers were all expressing “strong views” against demolishing her father’s house at Oxley Road.

“I told Mr Lee (KY) that I felt that Cabinet was unlikely to agree to demolish the House after he died,” PM Lee declared. “Mr Lee took a number of steps which put beyond any doubt that he came to accept Cabinet’s position.”

But an email message from the Chief of Govt Communications, Janadas Devan, to Wei Ling 7 days later (28 Jul 2011, 10:21pm) shows otherwise. In the email, Janadas Devan said that he had seen LKY earlier on the same day.

“Saw MM (Lee) today (28 Jul 2011). First meeting on Oxley book, together with team. He was in good form,” Mr Devan said. “He said house will be torn down. It is obvious that is what he wants.”

“It will be a small minded people that denies him this personal wish. I think he’s wrong wishing it, but I’d feel awful denying him what he obviously wants,“ added Mr Devan.

We can draw a few conclusions from Mr Devan’s email:

1. Wei Ling’s father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had not accepted the Cabinet’s position as what PM Lee has declared in his statutory declaration. Mr Lee Kuan Yew continued to maintain that his house at Oxley Road “will be torn down”.

2. Mr Devan was not alone in meeting Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He had his team with him. His team should be able to also ascertain what Mr Lee Kuan Yew had said.

3. Mr Devan is of the view that people who denied Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wish to tear down the house are “small minded people”, which would of course include our Cabinet Ministers, who are against demolishing the house.

4. Mr Devan himself also did not want to deny Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wish to tear down his house after his death. That is to say, he doesn’t want to become a “small minded people”.



  1. Yes yes… we all know. Small feeble minded YES men and women! And to think we have pay them obscenely to run this small little country the size of a dot!

  2. Every citizens knows that the late Mr LKY is a no nonsense type. One is one and two is two. His words carries weight. All the eunuch he feeds should know him well enough.

  3. now he is trying to backtrack and giving excuses that things had evolved but this ‘small minded’ comment cannot be eradicted which is why he made a super quick reponse

  4. We Singaporeans are so sad been con to pay above world class allowance to our G “small minded smart people ” as MP. Just look at MRT , down 3 day straight but the Transportation MP just no sound …. but getting $$$$$$ monthly tax payer $

  5. Lesson learnt: When you have been exposed to have called your Masters “small minded”, you quickly insinuate the whistle blower as “tabloid-style blabber” to save your civil service career

  6. Pinky and his troop of clueless buffoons think they are adopting the right, and righteous approach. And you can observe the piss poor quality of Ministers (includes those in the cigarette Committee) that defend tooth and nail the fledgling objectives in restoring credibility. Blind faith is bad; stupid faith is dire. Instead of courageously advising Pinky to stop the bitter confrontation with his siblings, these ‘hapless backers’ are further sowing the divide among his siblings and him. Instead of backing off and maintaining this as a private affair, they have come out guns ablaze firing into an abyss. Instead of helping Pinky look a professional and credible PM, these blood thirsty hyenas crush their leader’s bones by engaging the ‘prey’. Sadly, there is no prey. There is sibling differences but hell no, the hyenas (outsiders) are more likely to deliver a catastrophic and final death knell to their boss in sustaining the foolishness in trying to tear up HY and WL. The Singapore model is further capitulating into darkness. And the folks in white have only themselves to blame.

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