Did Chee Hong Tat ownself pwn ownself with comments on Lee Kuan Yew’s values?


It was reported in the media yesterday (17 Jul) that the AGC is looking into comments made by Li Sheng Wu who is the son of Lee Hsien Yang.

In a Facebook post last Saturday (15 Jul), Sheng Wu shared a link to a WSJ article on the family feud between his father, his aunt Lee Wei Ling and his uncle, PM Lee, calling it a good summary. In his post, he also made a comment criticising the Singapore’s court system. In response, the AGC said it is looking into the matter.

Later, Sheng Wu responded with another online post saying that the original posting was shared on “friends only” privacy settings. He added that he was “somewhat surprised” that what he had said “has been enough to trigger a response from the Attorney-General’s Chambers”.

Lee Wei Ling, also posted about the matter, saying that she is “surprised that AGC takes such negative reaction to a private post”.

Lee Wei Ling slams “big Brother government” in defense of nephew

Chee Hong Tat jumps in

The Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Health, Chee Hong Tat, has also weighed in on the matter. The Chinese media reported Mr Chee as saying:

“I am disappointed at the actions made by Sheng Wu. Is this the way to respect Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his values? I also don’t understand why Sheng Wu continues to launch his attacks online despite his father (Lee Hsien Yang) has declared that he would stop doing so.”

Mr Chee is of the view that Sheng Wu has “used the views of some foreign journalists to crticise his grandfather (LKY) and slander the reputation of Singapore and our courts”.

Chee Hong Tat went against LKY’s wish to deter dialect usage in Singapore

It’s interesting that Mr Chee talks about respecting the values of LKY when he himself did not appear to do so.

In 2009, while he was the Principal Private Secretary to then MM Lee, he wrote a letter to the news forum attacking an article published by The Straits Times (ST). In his letter (‘Foolish to advocate the learning of dialects‘, 7 Mar 2009), Mr Chee ridiculed those who were still talking about using dialects.

“Singapore’s experience over 50 years of implementing the bilingual education policy has shown that most people find it extremely difficult to cope with two languages when they are as diverse as English and Mandarin,” he wrote. “This is why we have discouraged the use of dialects. It interferes with the learning of Mandarin and English.”

“We also emphasised the learning of Mandarin, to make it the mother tongue for all Chinese Singaporeans, regardless of their dialect groups,” he added. “It would be stupid for any Singapore agency or NTU to advocate the learning of dialects, which must be at the expense of English and Mandarin.”

“That was the reason the Government stopped all dialect programmes on radio and television after 1979. Not to give conflicting signals, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew also stopped making speeches in Hokkien.”

But then came 2015 General Election and Mr Chee decided to run for office. During the campaigning, he created controversy when he introduced himself to the public in Hokkien. He also had no qualms singing in Hokkien to serenade the voters, especially the elderly.

When probed by reporters about the seemingly contradictions he was exhibiting during the 2015 GE, he “sidesteps the issue, and (declined) to say more on the matter”, reported ST.



  1. this chee felle has such cunning weasel look.. had one colleague look just like him, and very sly as well, initiative tells you, these type of people cannot be trusted.

    • In Bahasa Melayu or Malay, our National Language this is better known as “cari makan” or survival.
      It reminds me of some of our managers who would always condemn corruption but were later exposed.
      For the sake of soldiers lives a good military leader would dare to tell his erring General to be wary of the mistakes that may destroy lives of their own people.
      He may be condemned but would surely earn the respect of the soldiers.
      An idiotic officer would always say,
      “You are right sir”, and later become an assessory in crime and condemned as an inveterate.
      A sotong has no backbone and is easily caught.
      I love sotong pangang or grilled sotong with the song Bengawan Solo.

    • Betel cakap Tuan. For a moment I thought you were referring to me. Hahahahaha… I was such Soldier in the past. I cannot condone malpractices that effects the morale of the troops. I voice my opinions whilst my peers or Superiors will tell me to shut up, “Just do what you need to do, pay correct and tutup mata Sudah” was what I was always preached. But I cannot afford to circumvent such inadequacies so I question and challenged the Authority. Guess what I was so called “Marked” and eventually “Condemned” but fortunately for me my experience, my knowledge and my Professionalism caught the eyes of few Commanders some whom are here on FB and I was given the pinnacle appt against the masses that were against that appt and I survived not before long I resigned because I had enough of bullshit. Those who knows me and have worked with me in the army will know what I am talking about but that is all in the past. I am sure there are many like us here who works for the betterment of our Country and not just gaji buta, or bodek, bedek, cerdek (ABC) but honest to goodness contribution to and for our Nation and Organisation we served. Well 35 years with the service never lost a life or send any of my boys in a box to their Family but instead gave them a reason to be proud of serving their NS for Singapore.

  2. comment your own self first before you comment other people, check your ownself first before checking other people. you think you are god . chee hong kia, go ownself see mirror ownself first , brainless chee hong mini-street sweeper

  3. Come on guys, it’s not only him. All ministers open mouth only shit comes out. Not surprising now a days. Only stupid dumb Low IQ Singaporeans still vote them. Lol.

  4. Hospital under his management worse I advised him put more time in the hospital. Dr let the Dr any how do surgery to the patients and cause patients die or permanently disability. Hospital & Dr don’t bear for any responsibility. Cause spore Hospital Tarnished. Shameless spore Hospital. Don’t waste his time in other matter la. Because he is not pay by other matter.

  5. Aiyo… Don’t worry so much… those whose squeeze our bloods to collect millions from us and yet Don’t delivery result will have its own KARMA…. referred back few years when many talked about KARMA will be happened to those world highest salary cabinet…. it happened now…. most obvious is the ” Korean Drama” and others having health issues… Karma? GOD will know…

    • But karma must come fast , cannot wait anymore , so many old ages struggling , so many PMETs jobless , so many graduates jobless , so many broken family

  6. (无功无德。。。无恥之徒。。。揭他人)。。。(私人信件。。。大作文章。。。 捞政治。。。资本)。。。门都沒有。。。(替主人。。。啃骨头)。。。去。。。哈哈。。

  7. This MOS Chee Hong Tat sure knows how to go with the flow. In one fell swoop he positions himself right behind the dishonourable son, PM LHL. Another of the bums who talks tough but works with his mouth! He had better wake up to himself. TIME has changed!

  8. Mr Chee thinks that he qualified to comment on LKY values more than his son, daughter and grandsons. He is an intelligent man and intelligent men don’t do things for no reason.

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