Despite support of heavyweights like Tan Cheng Bock response to protest against walkover reserved presidential election was muted

picture credit: Clement Puah Neo

Despite the support of opposition heavyweights like Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Jee Say and Dr Chee Soon Juan, the silent sit-in protest to express dissatisfaction with the recent events surrounding the controversial Presidential Election was muted.

This despite Dr Chee and Dr Tan informing their supporters of their intention to attend the protest beforehand, and inviting them to attend it as well.

Posted by on Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Straits Times reported that hundreds of people attended the event. But others like the former secretary-general of the National Solidarity Party (NSP), Lim Tean claimed that there were 2,500 – 3,000 participants. Other netizens however reported more accurately that there were only about 1,000 protesters at the silent demonstration.

In contrast, the protest against the 6.9 million White Paper in the year 2013 attracted over 5,000 protesters.

Posted by on Saturday, 16 September 2017

The protesters mostly wore black. Several carried placards condemning the walkover election and the Elected President.

Dr Tan said that he was welcomed warmly at the event. In sharing some pictures of the event he said: “(the) protest was to register Singaporeans displeasure over the walkover Presidential Election.”

A very warm reception at Hong Lim park.It was a peaceful sit-in gathering at Hong Lim Park .The sit- in protest was…

Posted by on Saturday, 16 September 2017

He added: “They wanted to exercise their vote but had no chance.”


  1. The 1000+ turnout is not bad considering it coincides with the F1 weekend which has a fringe program featuring international artistes. The protest against the Population White Paper was a culmination of issues affecting Sgreans from foreigners encroaching into their heartlands & their imposing presence instead of adapting to Sgrean norms, having their wages undercut by foreigners, putting up with infrastructure gaps such as overcrowded MRT and ultra long waiting times at polyclinics – situations aggravated by the large no of foreigners living in SG. These are issues that have been simmering over the past decade which has reached an unbearable level especially since many of the new migrants integrate poorly with the local population. The issues were close to the heart of Sgreans so the massive turnout was to be expected.

    • Simmer is not enough. We need to be spritely like the Americans. We need the experience of people who can crash these gates. We behaved like animals tied to an imagined post.

  2. The highly visible facebook is not a safe space. It may be good for publicising an event. It also make you observable. They are in the dark. They make cars behind closed doors. Everything is prepared. They spring into action the same minute it us announced. You should train observers to interpret what the gahmen is preping. Like observing the commy gahmen of PRC and N Korea. Is it poosible to make casual contacts and cosy info connections. Try to educate and inform. With the world of internet, ir is not possible for the gahmen to brainwash everybody.

  3. This foto and the ST report is deceptive..and a complete BS..! I too was there at 5.30pm–and the crowd was around 1500 to 1800, with more streaming in..!
    Another good reason NOT to trust the news media..1

  4. ONLY 1000 or less? Seems like cannot even count. The failure of our world class education system? Or failure of our Civic and Moral education?
    Well, either way guess who the losers are.

  5. Never mind about the number of turnouts, they represent the 100% of people who are against this PE. I am one of them. They represent us who cannot be there, for one reason or another. Thanks to the people for organizing this silent protest.

  6. Our 5 stars represent Democracy, Peace, Progress, Justice, Equality. Democracy….Where the fuck we have that? Can anyone tell me where we have democracy? Progress….are we progressing as we speak? I think we are moving to 4th world country now. Look at our MRT system? You can’t find a week that our MRT system doesn’t’ breakdown nowadays. It’s getting worst and worst and our minister in charge are getting a super high salary. There’s no accountability from our ministers when things go wrong in Singapore. No one dies…I mean. You think our ministers give a shit when our MRT breakdown? Justice…what justice do we have here? There’s never be a just in this world. I don’t need to elaborate much. Singaporean is not stupid and naive as what the government thinks we are. Equality….go figure this out. All i can say is we should only have 1 star which is Peace. The rest of the 4 is fucking bull shit!!!!!

  7. Dont worry about the number of people attending the silent protest of the G choice of reserved president for Malay race. But I heard the turnout was good. Hope Gilbert is not disappointed. Thanks for organising the event. Those not attending for whatever reasons are also those who against the G scheme.

  8. A volcano erupts because of pressure built up within its chambers. Surely, the Masters of Singapore realised that to keep a population docile, there must be vents in place especially in an autocratic society where the frog is slowly being boiled. It was with farsightedness that the incumbents designated Hong Lim Park as an escape vent for the proletariat. This minimises the chances of riots on the streets which may eventually lead to a revolt of sorts. To attend the event after the fact has occurred is playing right into the hands of the Masters of Singapore. The proper solution for this sad PE episode is 2 fold. 1. The proles must exercise their votes properly at the next election. 2. For 1 to occur, the opposition must unite and start serving the people wholeheartedly. After all, leadership begins with service. It is with true service that the heart of a man is revealed. The proles may behave like sheep, but they are definitely smarter than sheep.

  9. It’s supposed to be a silent protest hence anyone can do it silently at anywhere. Don’t be mislead by the turnout, oppsitions rallies always have big turnout but the votes to them were disappointing.

  10. Don’t judge by how many ppl attended, PAP rallies always have less than a few hundred attendants, and 80% of them were elderlies from CC/RC etc sent by buses provided by PAP to the door step of Stadium, yet they always have BIG win.

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