Despite leading labour movement for about 2 decades Lim cries over plight of jobless workers


By: The Alternative View

Lim Swee Say cried again in Parliament today while speaking on the plight of jobless workers especially older retrenched PMETs.

During the speech, he said that the impression of foreigners taking away S’poreans’ jobs was due to “pockets” of errant employers and that MOM had taken actions against them.

Lim Swee Say’s play-acting will only impress the ignorant.

Take a look at his CV and see how long he has been involved in the labour movement:

1997- 1999: Deputy Secretary of NTUC
1997 – 1998: Served on Committee on S’pore’s Competitiveness and Chaired Sub-Committee on Manpower Development
1999: Minister of State for Ministry of State and Industry
2005: Reappointed as Deputy Secretary of NTUC
2007 – 2015: Secretary-General of NTUC
2015: Minister for Manpower

So what had he been doing all the while when he was supposed to champion the labour movement? Why didn’t he raise a squeak about Lee Hsien Loong’s ultra-liberal foreign labour policy when he was in NTUC?