Desperate father seeks netizens’ help to track down toddler taken away by absent mother


A Singaporean father, Tok Chen Yee, is appealing for netizens’ help to track down his 3-year-old daughter who has allegedly been taken away by the child’s absent mother.

Chen Yee alleges that his daughter’s mother has not been in the picture and that he raised his daughter single-handedly.

In a Facebook post shared by his sister, Huilin Tok, Chen Yee expressed concerns about how his daughter was doing without him.

He also expressed his frustrations that the police have been unable to help him verify the welfare of his child and thus seeks the help of netizens to find a way to ascertain that his daughter is safe healthy:


  1. A mohter taking a child away when the child has not seen her??? Police not willing ot disclose the location of the child? Does this mean the police already found her? How did they know if the person who took the child away is the mother. Shouldn’t it be a case of kidnapping? Well as the rest of the kakis here said. post the photo if you really need help. Posting your number will no thelp as we dont know how they look like. But i put my dollar that this is another of those fake pitiful story again.

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