Business & Economy Technology DeepNude now a real threat to women in Singapore

DeepNude now a real threat to women in Singapore

The infamous app uses artificial intelligence to digitally remove clothing from women's photos and make them look naked




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Since the launch and spread of the DeepNude app, more women in Singapore have reported having their photos stolen and fabricated to show them naked.

According to a report by The New Paper, a woman by the name of Rose was horrified to discover that fake photos of her in the nude were being shared on pornographic sites and sex forums in Singapore. People allegedly stole photos from her social media accounts and used the DeepNude or similar apps to create a fake nude photo of her. Users were also requesting photos of other women to be faked and compiling them on the sites that receive much traffic from Singapore.

The DeepNude app recently made headlines and spread like wildfire over the internet. The infamous app uses artificial intelligence to digitally remove clothing from women’s photos and make them look naked.

While the fabricated photos are watermarked with text and logos saying “fake nude,” the photos can easily be mistaken for the real thing. Additionally, it would be easy enough to remove the watermark and share the images.

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Nothing much is known about the developers of the original DeepNude app except that they are based in Estonia. The developers created the app with the intent to make nudes “for the purpose of fun and [not to] promote sexually explicit images in any form.” They added that the app merely serves “to offer an entertainment service.”

Because of the backlash, the DeepNude developers have taken down the app due to server overload. The developers added that “The world is not yet ready for DeepNude” in a statement on Twitter. GitHub has since removed all opensource copycat codes of the DeepNude app on their site.

However, the threat of shame and harassment for the women is still ever present. With the new technology, it would be easier for spiteful lovers to create and spread revenge porn along with other more harmful implications.

It is illegal to create such obscene photos in Singapore. Anyone found guilty may be fined at most S$40,000 and/or face two years of jail time. Although users may hide behind anonymity, lawyers say that it is “difficult but not impossible to identify them” and pursue them for litigation./TISG

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