Dear Mdm Halimah, who is this woman?

Fourth Breakfast with Families event in Woodlands on Feb 12. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob's Facebook)


Last month, President Halimah Yacob introduced her campaign team made up of volunteers, friends and former colleagues.

They include trade unionist G. Muthukumarasamy and president of National Trades Union Congress Mary Liew.

Apart from these experienced figures, we couldn’t help from noticing one stunning lady who was seen escorting Mdm Halimah with a bright smile throughout the elections period.

Facebook photos showed that the two women knew each other long before the elections, during Mdm Halimah’s days in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

Guiding Mdm Halimah through the crowd on Nomination Day, Sept 13. (PHOTO: Video screenshot from Channel NewsAsia)
National Day Rally 2017 at ITE Ang Mo Kio on Aug 20. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)


Marsiling National Day Observance Ceremony on Aug 9. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
National Day celebrations on Aug 5. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)


Handing out of groceries to Marsiling residents on July 29. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
Handing out of groceries to Marsiling residents on July 29. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
Hari Raya appreciation lunch at Fuchun CC for grassroots leaders, volunteers and partners on July 1. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
Visiting homes of the residents in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC on March 5. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
During a dialogue session with young people about the 2017 Budget at the Marsiling CC on March 5. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
During the Prime Minister’s Lunar New Year reception at the Resorts World Convention Centre on Feb 8. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)
Marsiling’s Edusave Awards presentation at Fuchun CC on Jan 21. (PHOTO: Halimah Yacob’s Facebook)

So, Mdm Halimah, who exactly is this woman?


  1. President Halimah…Good Morning…..Today is Day 2 being
    Our Singapore President…I sincerely Congratulate you…
    On this Auspicious Day and Event …..can you Help The Poor and The Elderly to Pay The Silver Support Scheme on The18th September 2017 instead of end month…This will indeed Appreciate by The Elderly and poor of Singapore…I Wish you All The Best as our President..,Thank you and have A Good and Great Day

  2. The Independent Singapore I know what you are suggesting… above is a comment which may be the answer. This lady is a PA employee working as contituency manager. If so, another evidence blurring of government, ruling Party and its members.

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