Daughter of 72-year-old Grab driver pleads for information on man who jumped on her father’s car and stomped on his windshield for no reason


UPDATE: The police have confirmed that the culprit has been arrested and is waiting to be charged. A police spokesman told reporters: “On May 5 at about 3am, the police were alerted to a case of rash act at 3 Sentosa Gateway. A 26-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the case and he will be charged in court on May 7, 2018.”

A young man has been caught on camera jumping on a car and stomping on the vehicle’s windshield as he climbs off the car. According to Facebook user, Belleiansa Xu, the driver of the vehicle is her 72-year-old father who works as a Grab driver.

Xu wrote online that the attack was unprovoked and that her father drove off after the unexpected incident, worried for his safety. A timestamp on the dashboard camera footage capturing the scene shows that the incident occurred this morning around 3am:

Hello!! Do u have nothing better to do than to bully a 72 years old grab driver? My dad has done nothing to provoke u. He jumped on his car and your friend even shouted “ we apologised already, what’s more u want?” Fearing for his safety, my dad drove off to prevent confrontation. Please share and make him famous. Dun think you can escape just like this. I will get you!

Posted by Belleiansa Xu on Friday, 4 May 2018

In the video, a young man who appears to be in his late teens or early twenties can be seen walking on a narrow lane with a group of people. Many of the individuals walking with the culprit move to the side of the lane but the young man runs down the centre of the lane and mounts the car.

The Grab driver can be heard sounding his horn right before the culprit stomps on his windshield.

Incensed that her father is bullied in this manner, Xu has appealed for more information on the man who jumped on her father’s car. According to SG Road Vigilante, a Facebook page that shared the footage, a police report has been made over the matter.

Hello!! Do u have nothing better to do than to bully a 72 years old grab driver? My dad has done nothing to provoke u….

Posted by Belleiansa Xu on Friday, 4 May 2018


  1. This are thugs all wearing black to try and intimidate other gangs at the club’s. Ask them to try this in Malaysia or Thailand confirm will be sleeping in a box the next day.

    • I agree with you,Benjamin.I think that poor upbringing of children is to be blamed.No scolding of children and over pampering of children causes them(the kids) to be rude,selfish and disobedient to their parents and will create a problem for the society as well, if leave unchecked

  2. Reckless !! Show off in front of his friends….arrogant people won’t go far. Let’s hope the law quickly catch up with him.

  3. Just some drunk ass lah not bully…. small matters also pursued… if damage has done to the car then may be ask for the damage repair…

  4. If St James Power has CCTV that capture their patrons at the main entrance, probably able to identify this chap with the tee print & pants design he wore. Hopefully, this culprit will be caught soon.

  5. Canned him, fine him, put him in correction order, go sweeps all the car parks, and make him report to police station every weeks, too many youngster thinks they are king better than the law.

  6. Waste of money to engaged a lawyer jus admit pay the fine go to jail and compensate the cad repair, what your case simple video show all your lawyer only can tell the court after it u apology to the drive and u over drinking, this cannot be an excuse

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