Dangerous driver caught on camera speeding through pedestrian area


The extremely reckless driver of a private-hire vehicle (PHV) was caught on camera in the early hours of Sunday, May 20, 2018. There has already been a police report made against the driver.

A netizen uploaded a dash cam video of a bright yellow Toyota C-HR with plate number SLS9302C driving dangerously on Sembawang Road and Yishun Avenue 5 junction past 2:30 am on Sunday morning.

In the video, posted on the Facebook page of ROADS.sg, the car can first be seen speeding down the road, overtaking the car of the netizen with the dash cam quickly from the left, as they round the corner. 

However, instead of staying on the road, the driver of the PHV then actually drove into the pedestrian crossing, still at high speed, before getting back on the road. 

Fortunately, there were no people waiting to cross. If there had been, this would have surely resulted in a terrible accident.

Despite the driver’s top speed, he had to make a full stop at the next traffic light, where the netizen with the dash cam took a clear image of his license plate.

Many commenters on social media responded to the video, with over 3000 shares and more than 400 comments. Most were outraged at the driver’s recklessness, which could have caused fatalities, and a few made fun of the driver for being unable to stay on the road.

The description on the video read: 

“Yellow CHR SLS9302C wanna show off cornering skills then this happened. Driver was lucky there’s no pedestrian there waiting to cross the road at that timing. Paiseh already then sped off but in the end got stuck at the 2nd traffic light. 

Happened between Sembawang Road & Yishun Avenue 5 junction at around 0246 hr. on 20/5/2018”