Customer incensed over being charged $14 for rice, fried fish and vegetables at Vivocity Kopitiam


Facebook user Nizam Vanderbeek’s post that a plate of white rice, fried fish, and one serving of vegetables cost him a hefty $14 at a local Kopitiam has been going viral online, with netizens being surprised that he was charged such exorbitant prices for one meal at a food court.

Nizam revealed that the meal is from a nasi padang store at the Vivocity Kopitiam at the Basement 2 level of the mall. When he ordered the meal on 19 Jan, this year, the cashier charged him $11 just for the fried fish.

However, instead of reflecting that the $11 charge is for the fish, the receipt shows that he was charged $11 for two chicken dishes – that he apparently did not order.

Nizam confronted the cashier over why he was being charged the price of two chicken dishes and the cashier only responded that he was only registering the amount he was instructed to register:

Nizam reached out to Kopitiam customer service over the matter, but claims that he has yet to receive an adequate response beyond the team asking him for a copy of his receipt:

An average food court Nasi Padang dish with rice, one meat dish and two vegetable dishes would cost around S$6.50.

Some netizens questioned whether the fish was an expensive pomfret fish and opined that it looks like the serving size and the takeaway box appear to be larger than usual, and that this might have affected the price. Others asked Nizam whether he checked the price of the dishes before making his order.

Still others shared their own experiences of being charged exorbitant prices for single meals at food courts here:

Qamara Myra Fazz: Omg…yes even in paya lebar squara is getting expensive n the fish is smaller .. that was the ayam penyet.. i hv wrote to the management.. about it im not sure if we should report to case
Haffnie Haffiz: Kopitiam at NUH too… 1 pc of fish= $14.
Anilama Halludba: my mother also kena that kind of ridiculous price which is close to 20 dollars..and she take 2 meat with 1 veg..



  1. Best check price of fish/squid b4 ordering especially teochew porridge ,steam fish depending on type can cost anything from $15/- -$25/- ,price of hawker food has gone up since cny ,cost of living is skyhigh now pending gst increament , everything has jump ahead

  2. Unless your wallet is very “fat”, dont eat at food courts in shopping malls. If you decide to do so, please don’t ever complain. If you r a local you should know better tat the high pricing and hidden costs in food court becos of their high rentals, and others, employing FTs. The money is yours, you have the upper hand to decide what and where you wanna eat. Think again the next time !!

  3. What’s wrong with taking more money?
    With PAP government taking the lead to milk and to overcharge the citizens, why can’t the cronies do it? Kopitiam has been heeding Mr greedy call to bid up the real estates and driving out mon and pap hawker stalls. Dafts will ask you, why buy from this stall?

  4. Sinkies are very rich nowadays, the price is top of the league table. With only a few entities controlling the market, there is seriously lack of readily available choices.

    First world often sells special whole chicken at $6. At least there are more choices to suit different customers. You choose your lifestyle. Government keeps a tap on profiteers by injecting real competitions.

  5. Wtf this auntie oso been cheeky she took 2x ala carte chicken 1 piece $5.50= 2 piece is $11 plus vegetable $1.50 & rice $1.20 with take away is $14
    How the hell the stall not going to charge her cheap if she took 2 chicken for her meal

  6. Sinkies are dafts after all. LKY is right.
    Paid $14 already then kaopay.
    Just like voted for PAP already then kaopay.

    Normal people will just walk away and they will never vote for a party that screws them.