Home News CSJ: Point of View or simply dishonest?

CSJ: Point of View or simply dishonest?




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From Opposition Supporter

I refer to the article on CNA website “Singapore rebuts Chee Soon Juan’s WSJ op-ed, says he was ‘dishonest’”

Firstly the article heading is misleading- Singapore is not rebutting it is one Jacky Foo who is rebutting Chee Soon Juan.

Secondly, everyone in Singapore can have a point of view and they are entitled to air it in any media, be it local or western run media. By expressing oneself in a western media doesn’t necessarily mean that they are pandering to western media.

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Thirdly, Singaporeans for the longest time have been living under the fear that they may be singled out if they were to vote against the government or speak out against the government. PAP winning all these years does not mean that they have won it because they have won the hearts of Singaporeans. They have only won us by fear. Period.

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