Criticisms pour in more quickly than Minister Koh could delete on post about 70-year-old ‘protecting environment’


Dr Koh Poh Koon yesterday (11 Jan) shared in his Facebook that he helped a 70-year-old woman who collected 32kg of old newspapers because she wanted to protect the environment.

Dr Koh who is the Minister of State for Ministry of National Development & Ministry of Trade and Industry said the woman was so committed to the cause that she even withstood the injuries she sustained collecting them.

He saluted the elderly woman for being an inspiration.

Many Facebook users felt that Dr Koh was out of touch with the common folks and criticised him. Several also took to Facebook to share that their comments critical of Dr Koh were deleted. Dr Koh also blocked some of these users from commenting further on his page.

Despite the ‘delete and block’ spree, critical comments keep pouring in to his post about helping the older woman who was collecting newspapers to do ‘her part for the environment’.

The very hands-on Dr Koh unclogs drain at Punggol East (link:

Many people thought that Dr Koh was out of touch with the general public for some comments he made during the 2013 by-election in Punggol East where he was fielded as a candidate by the People’s Action Party (PAP).

In commenting about daily commute Dr Koh said, “Well, everybody has a car, we have two – my wife drives one, I drive one. We are both professionals, we need to travel”.