Criticism of Pokemon GO grows but game's set for release here in 46 hours


A letter writer to The Straits Times Forum page has suggested that the authorities here should think twice about allowing Pokemon GO’s release in Singapore. She pointed out that “apart from the reported incidents of “Pokemon zombies” injuring themselves or others due to poor situational awareness”, Americans (and others) too have objected to the Pokemon GO characters appearing in sensitive places like the a”Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery.”

The writer Estella Young acknowledged that Pokemon GO targets which are assigned by the game developer, Niantic, may accede to requests by members of the public to remove certain locations from the game. But said that since the play allows for “Lures” to be purchased, it may attract players to locations where they may be harassed or may be exposed to acts of terrorism.

This video shows how viral the game is.

This letter has been criticised by several readers of the publication.
1 2 3 4 5Meanwhile Pokemon GO’s MMO Server Status which updates in real time, shows that the game is set to be released in Singapore in about 46 hours time, on Monday at about 4pm.

For noobs who are trying to figure out what the craze is all about, here is the beginner’s guide on how to play the game:

Avid Pokemon fans in Singapore who are don’t want to wait can download the unofficial APK file and install the same on their Android and iOS devices.

For Android users
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For iOS users
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