Trailer crashes into overhead bridge at Balestier Road

Photo: Christabel Seah

A trailer carrying an excavator crashed into an overhead bridge near the Singapore Indian Association along Balestier Road around 9.30pm today. Part of the road has been closed off.

The trailer had been moving towards Moulmein Road when the accident occurred. It appears that no one was injured.

Bystanders who have posted photos and videos of the accident online said that the accident was quite serious and some say that the bridge may collapse at any time.

An onlooker who spoke to Channel News Asia described the accident:

“I heard a very loud noise – first it was like a loud bang, and then the sound of metal on stone. I think the truck was driving at average speed, wasn’t…speeding
“I turned to the right … and saw that the bridge was moving a bit and then the truck stood still. The driver ran out of the car and was definitely in a deep shock.”

He added that there wasn’t anyone on the overhead bridge at the time and that the collision resulted in a lot of debris.

Meanwhile, public bus services have been diverted to avoid the road tonight.

| Horrible accident outside my home! Quite terrific, the damage done. 🤐🤐 Pretty amazed. @ balestier road

Posted by Christabel Seah on Friday, 21 July 2017

Singapore balestier road accident big trailer broken the pedestrian over bridge.

Posted by Ganesan Palani on Friday, 21 July 2017

Case of a crane crashed into the pedestrian bridge along Balestier Road in front of Khalsa. Both side of road is closed till further notice. Please avoid using Balestier Road. The bridge might collapse anytime.

Posted by Sekaran Segar on Friday, 21 July 2017


  1. Again, and again, are these drivers of heavily laden vehicles foreigners? These foreign drivers have yet to learn & keep in their minds the limits & physical constraints on Singapore roads to avoid such accidents! What has LTA & the Traffic Police done to eliminate such accidents from happening again & again?

  2. All these PRC drivers never learn any lessons on previous Cases Only think of making money No safety and security concerned Hope Authority find them Heavyly and send the boss and driver to jail to serve as deterant!!!

  3. Send the whole bridge repair bill to the transport company that undertook the shipment and slap a heavy fine. As for the driver, at least a 5000 dollar fine and a driving ban for 3 months, then they’ll learn.

  4. A sign of failing nation politics governance and society discipline.
    Since We have Ownself parliament ownself right from the TOP and
    Soon ownself president ownself.
    So do ownself drive ownself will definitely happen!
    The constitution of Singapore also now ownself define ownself.
    God bless our country or waiting for karma to happen

  5. Penalty 1. Too many times of damage of overhead structure by tall commercial vehicles especially crane truck drivers. Penalty must be severe to have suspension of the driver’s license for 1 year, fining the vehicle owner or hirer heavily for minimum $10,000, banning that particular vehicle from being on the road. Precautions: 1) Installation of early warning system such as horizontal poles of same height of the underside of overhead structure on both sides of every overhead structure some distance away. Any vehicle that hits against it would have given notice of the height problem and the driver would have time to stop vehicle in time. A camera would be triggered to capture the culprit vehicle. 2) Paint on road surface big words cautioning driver of overhead structure in front.

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