Contractor of Collapsed Viaduct Linked to PA Grassroots and Previously Blacklisted for Workplace Safety Lapses


It has been revealed that the contractors of the unfinished viaduct that collapsed at about 3.35am this morning near Changi, killing one Chinese migrant worker and injuring 10 others, have links with People’s Association Grassroots.

It has also come to light that the contractors, Kim Peow Contractors Pte Ltd – a subsidiary of OKP Holdings Limited that was awarded the $94.6 million dollars contract – has a prior record of workplace safety lapses in the past, where in one case just two years ago in 2015, a worker died and three others were injured when a platform they were working on at the Yio Chu Kang Flyover collapsed.

On that incident, the Ministry of Manpower said that this was a “clear case of a company that does not take workplace safety seriously.” As of Jul 3, the group had accumulated 25 demerit points and was blacklisted from January-April 2017, according to information from MOM’s website.

These revelations have been brought to light by a Facebook group which provided a thorough, detailed background of OKP Holdings on the social media platform hours after the viaduct collapsed.

Here are the highlights of their findings of conflict of interest:

In November 2015, LTA awarded the viaduct project worth S$94,627,000 to OKP. It is expected to be completed in 2 to 3 years’ time.

When the contract was awarded to OKP, the company announced: “None of the Directors has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Contract. As far as the Directors are aware, none of the controlling shareholders of the Company has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Contract.”

OKP describes itself as “a leading infrastructure and civil engineering group in Singapore”. It specialises in constructing airport runways and taxiways, expressways and flyovers as well as maintenance works for roads. Its clients include the LTA, HDB, JTC, National Parks Board, PUB, URA, Changi Airport Group and etc. In recent years, it has also expanded its business into property developments.

According to its annual report, OKP was founded by Or Kim Peow in 1966. Mr Or was awarded a PBM medal in 2003. He is the Group Chairman. He is also the Vice-Chairman of Gek Poh Community Club Management Committee (CCMC) and the Patron of Potong Pasir Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC). Mr Or Toh Wat, the Group MD, is his son who was also conferred a BBM medal for “service to the community” in 2013.

Like his father, Mr Or Toh Wat is also a PA grassroots leader. He is the Chairman of Potong Pasir CCMC. Mr Or Kiam Meng, another son of Or Kim Peow, is the Executive Director of OKP. He is also a grassroots leader and Patron of Anchorvale CCMC. 

Mr Or Lay Huat, third son of Or Kim Peow, is also another Executive Director of OKP. Not surprisingly, he too follows the footsteps of his father and the 2 elder brothers to become yet another PA grassroots leader. He is a member of Tampines GRC and Tampines West CCC. 

To add to the menagerie, Dr John Chen, an ex-PAP Minister of State and ex-MP, is an independent director sitting on the board of OKP. Dr Chen was an MP from 1988 to 2006 and the Minister of State for Communications from 1997 to 1999. From 1999 to 2001, he was the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology and Minister of State for National Development. 

The Facebook group said:

In essence, the Or family members are all PA grassroots leaders in the various constituencies and know many PAP MPs and Ministers, including those retired ones like Dr John Chen.


  1. No need to say more, 70% voted for Nepotism. I wonder what comment does the Law Minister have regarding this ownself award ownself contract topic which he accuses the WP of doing.

  2. The safety exibition at mom with stringent and overwhelming reinforcements of safety aspects at industries and workplaces by ft auditors keep me pondering why in the first place there were no stop work order at other okp worksiites for thorough investigations on this firm that is found to flout the basic safety rules. If the thorough exams were done, this fatal mishap could have been prevented. Mom puts up the law but not convinced of own safety measures to enforce.

  3. Want to bet they will get away with this with a tiny slap on the wrist? Hahaha. Only their lives and families are precious, everybody else’s are dirt cheap.

  4. Better be careful what you say and accuse the grassroots or the construction company. I see a lot of comments here can be used by the company to sue for defamation.

  5. Just a small fines and stern warning to the company .the rest “you die your business ” one country two system” construction carry on, Tax must pay ! Century unchanged .

  6. Frankly, I wonder about the motives of many grassroots leaders! Many do so with ulterior motives, to get close to the MPs and the government. Remember that greedy PRC tourist guide for one. And the Indian mother and daughter who backed into a taxi, and tried to blame the accident on the taxi uncle..luckily all was caught on video. Many incidences of grassroots members trying to get theirs or their relatives off offenses, by mentioning officers that they are grassroots members!

  7. Will this be shared openly via sgp media news with transparency? Just like how our MPs addressed their concerns on AHTC accounts that appeared under newspaper headlines? Or it will be discussed n settled in next parliament again?

    • how you know?
      blame the workers? these crooks are uneducated and unqualified to do engineering works. have v low mentality and always deliver shoddy works, cutting corners and using below specs materials. v greedy money grubbers that exploited its workers. pay workers slave wage and cheat their ot.

  8. PAP and PA grassroots all directors of the company with one ex Minister of state as independent directors and severely even black listef abd find recently why still so many contract still showered at them ??Any kickback involved???’Approximately 96million worth of contracts ???Any corruption involved??Why the contractor still allowed at accident sites??All directors should be arrested and hull to Court of serious and various security and safety Faults????

  9. Not uncommon for big towkays to be involved with grassroots work la. They have more to give, so they contribute in ways that they can. Anyway doesnt mean u linked to PAP/RC you will get awarded contracts. Still have to go thru the entire tender bidding which is publicly viewable

  10. Maybe tis project fr top to down at certain area.. a person holds a few different designation so the project…maybe.. ownself do ownself. Ownself check ownself. Ownself pass ownself…

  11. This makes me realise that life is really unfair.. People help other people in the community, still kena whack when something bad happens and it may not be directly their fault. Cest la vie

    • you are so stupid. ‘help’?
      kena whack? these hypocrites and crooks have been getting away with lots of cheating. join grassloot to ‘help’? help others or themselves?
      it IS their fault. directly. fined $250 k – mom said total disregard for safety. they were casting, but there were no safety officer or supervisor on site. Cest la vie.

  12. i will support PAP no matter what; PAP has done so much for us and created this country from scratch. You guys should be thankful that they’re around!

  13. A famous speech and quote from President Xi of China, if you want to be in Government then don’t ever think of making it rich and if you want to be rich, then don’t be in the Government.
    If you want to make use of your Government positions to make a quick one to become rich, sooner or later you will be finished.
    This should be a good Quote for PAP RC ,CCC, people.

  14. Decades ago, we had a similar mishap. Could the MSM research on this disaster. Comment and compare. There was no mention of this in ST, July 15, Construction accidents in the past.

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