Commuters slam SMRT for releasing inaccurate and misleading info during peak hour delays


Commuters on the North-South line faced more delays this morning due to a track fault that, according to SMRT, is not connected to the new signalling system that caused massive train breakdowns last week.

The delays reportedly began from 7.10am. SMRT tweeted that the delays are not linked to the signalling system and advised commuters to add 15 minutes to their travel time if they are travelling from Yew Tee to Jurong East:

Commuters, however, experienced far longer delays (around 50 mins some claim) instead of the 15 mins SMRT said the delay will span. Some commuters also said that the delays affected other parts of the North-South line and the East-West line as well ano slammed SMRT for releasing misleading and inaccurate information and concealing crucial  information online:

SMRT announced that train services were running normally by 8.53am.

The organisation’s vice president for corporate communications later said that SMRT had tracked the source of the delays to a “faulty track point” near Jurong East MRT Interchange. He assured:

“Our engineers will rectify the fault tonight after the end of passenger services. We thank commuters for their patience in the meantime and are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Commuters flooded social media with their frustrations this morning, with many indicating that it is no longer surprising and almost expected for train services to break down every week:


    • They will determine the root cause of signal fault is because of telco network and cut off all networks within 1km of the MRT next.
      Thanks for giving them a solution

  1. I have advised them to look into hacking, as such lapses happen more often after Singapore whacked the backsides of a few Europeans for train vandalism.

  2. Have the balls to come out and admit you’re wrong and a Big Sorry Plus Pour Tea Plus Pay us back for all the Lost Time Plus Take a Huge pay Cut Plus Just RESIGN IF YOU CANT DO THE JOB

  3. Time is ripe for certain heads to roll. PM Lee, are you up for it to do your job as our so called leader and make such a thing happen? Or are you still waiting for things to happen as always?

    • Yes Richard i know u are right. Quite frankly and for the record, i have already lost faith in our supreme, multi millionaire leader, and the government of the day for a long while now.

    • They will make it right just before the next election and everything will work really well during election period and everyone will forget again when they dangle another few hundred dollars into our banks.

      On national day, our mrt worked so well that day even though Singaporeans are out on full force in town, in city and out in the streets.

  4. Wah London “MRT” system much busier than us, yet still dosent break down as much as ours…which makes me think if the pubic monies are used to buy quality, or cheap grade materials from “YOU KNOW WHERE”…hmmm if so, then where is the SURPLUS ???

  5. Big figure keep to themselves,give you only small figure.Millions $ salaries keep for themsevles,, we got few hundreds $ they said it is big money! WTF!!!!!!!

  6. The SMRT did not lies , their upper world class salary is to give lips service to con Singaporeans citizens to believe them. Because the G say only pay high salary to people is honestly n smart .

  7. Liar liar pants on fire

    In order for any problem to be solve …. we have to undergo the first phrase of Recognising the problem …. both the ministers and most of the pro Pao citizens aka 70% has being living in self denial . Accepting the fault then make appropriate steps to rectify the fault should be the way .

  8. Knnbccb pay all affected commuters sgd1000 like wtf iras has been doing summoning peasants for late filing.

    Rules dare to tekan peasants but oneself dare not do it.

    Lta summon you for illegal parking or modifixation, but smrt themselves parking along kranji road since 1980 until now also no problem.

    Double standard at its best. I pui!

  9. Asking citizens to take public transit but often break down, and when those with motorcycle license wants to use bike as commute you implement ARF. Whoa this is what good leaders are supposed to be? Is this the way to solve traffic jams?

  10. Most expensive to purchase Car in the whole world.
    Now you want to make Motorcycle most expensive to own as well!!! Haven you take enough!!! You know you can’t spend it in HELL!

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